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Welcome to the community!
Please make sure to introduce yourself on the facebook group!


New members are always welcome!
Please make sure that whoever you are inviting to the group meets the criteria! The Posh Connection is a networking group exclusively opened to Active Influencers such as (but not limited to):

  • Bloggers, Vloggers, Photographers, Designers, Hair & Makeup Artists, Businesses, and Social Media Influencers across the United States with Sub-Groups designated to influencers by State.

  • They have to already be a blogger/artist/influencer --not contemplating the idea.

  • They must have a blog/website, or a business account on social media (ex: an instagram, or facebook page, or Etsy, etc)

  • At this time we are not accepting blogs that are solely personal, political, or religious.


Why do I  have to answer questions when entering the group?  
[1] To keep the group exclusive to those who meet the criteria.  This encourages higher interaction and engagement  in the group as well.  
[2] To keep your privacy and information safe.
[3] To keep from distorted individuals not in our industry (such as scammers) from harassing members in any sort of way.


NOTE:   As the group has tripled in size, we’ve implement “Posting Approvals”.  


  • Affiliate Programs (NOT AFFILIATE LINKS)

  • Business/Job Opportunities (NOT MLM Related)

  • Collaborations + Trade

  • Conference + Workshops

  • Events + Parties

  • Giveaways

  • Ideas + Contributions + Tips

  • Questions + Advice

  • Photo Shoot + Model Call

  • Topics and articles relevant to our industry Special deals you heard about *Not applicable to shop-owners Special

  • posts that need extra love *Not for every post.


  • Affiliate Links

  • Blasting an individual or a company

  • Everyday blog/ Instagram posts

  • Items/products for Sale

  • MLM Stuff (Multi-Level Marketing)

  • Political topics

  • Religious topics

  • Vague posts of any kind

We wish to make our community a safe and comfortable place to communicate. We believe that for numerous benefits, it’s always better to caution on the side of error and approach situations with a professional attitude.  Instead of blasting a company or individual, we encourage you to handle it privately with said-individual or submit a report through our Private Report Link under the following circumstances: Valuable information that could potentially prevent someone from getting hurt or walking into a sketchy situation.  A negative experience with an individual or a company.


How soon will my post be approved?         
Usually posts are approved within the hour. On very rare occasions, it could take longer. Please allow a minimum of 24-48 hours for your post to be approved. If your post hasn’t been approved within 48 hours, feel free to contact an Admin directly. Pretty Please note that all admins have full time jobs and daily personal commitments, and we strive our best to stay on top of social media! Thank you for understanding.


Currently disabled. We apologize for any inconvenience but we are currently not allowing any kind of selling in the group as most of the members have voiced that it feels “spammy”. Thank you for understanding.  

Services offered should be of collaborating nature and of no financial compensation in exchange.
EXAMPLE OF NOT ALLOWED: “This month my photography services is 50% off.” 
EXAMPLE OF ALLOWED: “Looking for 5 bloggers to collaborate with on my photography services for this month”. 

Currently disabled. We apologize for the inconvenience but under NO circumstance are you allowed to recruit or pitch about any kind of MLM business. Vague posts such as “Contact me for an opportunity to work from home” (etc) are not allowed. You're free to contact members about your MLM through your own individual resources. 


As The Posh Connection opens new groups per State,  we ask that you only request membership in the current state that you live in full-time. Under very unique circumstances can exceptions be made (and on a case-by-case basis) to those who travel to a second state very frequently.  
EX: Traveling back to Utah once a month (Minimum).  

As the group expands, we want to make sure that fair opportunities are given to those living full time in their own state, and not being taken away from non-locals. We also encourage you to help expand the group in your state and help create opportunities local to you!   We are also happy to announce that besides having Individual State Groups, we also have a “Mother Group” where anyone in any Posh Connection State Group can join! This will open broader opportunities of networking and collaborating.


There will be ZERO tolerance for DRAMA, BULLYING, SASS, OR CATTINESS.  
Any sign or evidence of drama, bullying or cattiness will automatically get you kicked out of the group. No questions asked. If you have a problem with a fellow member, please handle it like an adult and approach said member tactfully and in privately.  Do not involve others. Do not put anyone on blast. Do not call out anyone publicly in any platform. Please respect difference of opinions. You do not have to agree with what everyone says but we ask that you do respect it. If you feel the need, you may submit a report on any  issue concerning the group through our Private Report Link.


Please refrain from giving any member in our group (Fellow member and Admins) attitude through any public form of communication. Besides it being common sense, doing so attracts negative energy in the group platform. We want ALL members to feel comfortable and safe in posting, instead of feeling like they might be attacked by/from an opinion. Issues have to be addressed where they happen. It’s hard to keep a balance when it comes to complains in a comment thread. If we delete it, we look sketchy. If we reply, we’re calling someone out. We don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable. With that said If you have a complaint, we strongly suggest and ask that you report it through private messaging with a professional tone. Thank you for understanding.


Please respects member’s privacy. These Includes the following (but not limited to):

  • Please do not share contact information of another member unless you have that member’s permission.

  • Do not sign-up or subscribe anyone without their direct permission and consent.

  • Do not spam others with email offers (etc) without their direct permission and consent.

  • NOTE: This includes “tailgating” sign-up information from a previous post that collected emails and information. You must ask the member’s permission every time otherwise. Do not screenshot and share what has been posted in the group with an outside member unless YOU personally wrote the post.

Doing any of the above, will automatically result in membership removal.