YOU GUYS!!! My Tee-Design-Collab with Style Lately is here!!!!!!!!
I'm obviously very excited! haha!
You can read about how we came up with this awesome shirt HERE
And in the mean time, snag yourself a shirt and get 15% OFF with code POSHBYKAT!
Every shirt that is purchase equals 11 Meals to a Family in Need! How amazing is that?!

Thank you to EVERY SINGLE person who has purchased a shirt and sent me pics of it! I have throughly enjoyed that and deeply appreciate your support on my project and the way this has helped families in need!

If you haven't gotten yours yet, make sure to send me a pic through DM on Instagram when your shirt arrives or when your styling it! I'm saving the pictures!

You're all  A M A Z I N G! Now shop-shop-shop!

Instagram Famous Tee | Collab Design w/ @poshbykat - Style Lately

This tee was designed in collaboration with Kat Romrell of @poshbykat & 60% cotton. 40% poly. Snug fit, not loose 1TEE=11 MEALS DONATED




So lets talk about my cute little lacy thang'!
This GORGEOUS Mesh Eyelash Lace BabyDoll is my newest favorite!
And let's just say the hubs approves ;)

It's funny how your taste in lingerie can change overtime. I personally like all kinds of styles and luckily so does the hubs! However, after having a baby, and my body currently being... "under construction", lingerie can feel intimidating and sometimes just make you feel worse about your body. And let's be honest; if you're not feeling it then neither are they!

It's not hard to find various styles of lingerie in the market, but I'd say IT IS HARD to find Sexy & Classy lingerie all in one piece and one place! Enter Mentionables!

Let’s get intimate”

Now that we're talking about Lingerie, lets get more comfortable! Why?
Cause this subject actually goes hand-in-hand with self-love & self-confidence.
Sometimes, I personally like to lounge around in cute little things and half the time, it's NOT for my guy, it's for ME!
There is nothing better to boost your confidence than to just embrace your body exactly how it is and to feel comfortable in your own skin.
And you better belief that my OCD extends as far as my mentionables go. If my underwear is black, my bra is black! I always match! Always! 
Do yourself a favor and google "Matching underwear helps self-esteam" & "Reasons why you should buy lingerie"!

I love love love their delicate style, and if you've already fallen in love with their Instagram Feed, (Nothing short of Pinterest worthy) wait till you actually order your own pair and feel the material and feel so cute and sexy in a piece.  Currently, I've got my eyes on all of their bralettes