Happy Valentines day!
Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary!!! And I am 5 months pregnant! And did I mention It's Valentines!? Haha!

At first, I was very bummed that Valentine's was on a Sunday this year, but it turned out to be so great! It's like it's been Valentine's since Friday! Chris and I have been hanging out and taking it easy! Lately, I am so tired and sleepy all the time. I wonder why. 

This weekend we have just been eating out, and for Valentine's we went out to eat some cheap & yummy Chinese dinner and saw Dead Pool! Dead Pool was great but very on the Rated R side!

Lastly, your Cheesy Gram from yours truly;
Even though Valentine's day is a made-up and commercialized Holiday, I am so thankful that I got to spend it with the most amazing human being that has walked into my life AND that we have a little one on the way! I hope that everyone enjoys this long weekend of love!
If you are single, cherish this time. If you are taken, cherish the one.