W E ' R E    P R E G N A N T ! ! !

I have been trying to write this post for about two weeks and I have yet to find the words that describes how happy we are!!! This has been the best surprise we have received!!!
.....I'll start from the beginning!

We found out October 26th (5 WEEKS IN) !!! This has been the longest secret I have kept! 

We went into Urgent Care really late at night because, heavens I had been feeling awful !!! I had skipped a period, but I was lightly spotting and having one of my crazy severe cramp episodes! I have severe endometriosis! So I thought my endometriosis was getting worse!!!

The Receptionist, the nurse, and the Doctor all asked me "Any chance your pregnant?"
 ....ME: "Nope"......"Are your sure?"......ME:"Yup"....."Could it be an infection".....ME:"Could be. It could be cancer, but it's not a baby"...."Well lets run some tests!"

Why didn't you think you could be pregnant? If you are new to my blog: Hi, my name is Kat and I was married once before, and we tried for years and years with no luck. Doctors said I would need lots of extra help to get pregnant! #SevereEndomitriosis

So the doctor comes back in with a high brow and a hand on the hip and said:
...."So..... You are pregnant!"

Chris & I were IN SHOCK to say the least!!!! We were silent for a good couple of awkward seconds and then we started laughing! Then I turned to him and started crying like crazy! Like there was no stopping me! And the doctor said "We hope this is good news"!!! ........Oh Doc! YES IT IS!!!

Guys, when I say I was in shock, I mean it literally! I felt like I was going to wake up from a really good dream and be severely crushed! And this feeling lasted all night! So when we left Urgent Care, we went straight to an Open Late pharmacy and bought another pregnancy test!  And here you have it....

I am 9 Weeks and the official due date is June 26th ! 

 Telling Family and Friends: This was the best part!!!! We surprised our parents by giving them a gift that had a note that said "Coming Soon" and a tiny onesie inside!!! My mom and sister's reaction was the best! They started bawling, they were so happy. They knew how long I've hoped for this. Then, with most of our friends (the ones we could catch), we typed up a one sentence letter saying "You are going to be an aunt/uncle" and hand delivered it to them! Their reactions were just so cute! We also FaceTimed a lot of people and told them via that way!!! Lots of sweet moments!!!

Guys..... We are going to be PARENTS!!!!