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Katherine Romrell



Happy Valentines ! I'm super excited to share this post with you! 
Let me just say that shooting with either Mckenzie or Greg Deakins is always a BLAST! Both of them are super talented and they are basically an amazing power couple!

When I booked this shoot, I knew Chris and I were going to be McKenzie's models during her photo class. At first I was a bit afraid for Chris because I wasn't sure if he would feel comfortable with a group of people taking our picture vs one photographer, but it is literally impossible to not feel comfortable or laugh uncontrollably when shooting with McKenzie.  He was so sweet to let everyone shoot him (haha, shoot him) and not once did he complain. Talk about a supportive boyfriend.

Yup! BOYFRIEND! What better time to introduce him than on Valentines?! 

Our friends and family have known from the start but we thought it was time to share it with everyone else. 

Chris and I met 8 years ago at American Fork High during our senior year. We were in the same Drama Class. We were doing the play Rome & Juliet, and wait for it…….. He was casted as Romeo…. and I was casted as Juliet…’s….. understudy. We casually dated for most of our senior year. I say casually because we both have different opinions of our previous dating relationship. I mean, if you were to hear us tell the story; you’d laugh. I was his “first kiss” and “first girlfriend" but I had been in the dating realm since I was like 12. It wasn’t till about the time that we put a very casual tittle to our relationship… that we broke up.

Chris says I was the prettiest and funnest girl to hang out with (I’m rolling my eyes) and that we definitely had a special bond, but I knew even then that I was completely smitten by him.

After High School Chris and I broke up. He left for two years to serve an LDS mission, and I moved on and met someone new.

I married and unfortunately my marriage did not work out. After almost 5 years of marriage, we amicably concluded the marriage.

Late last Fall, a mutual friend invited us to be a part of a video shoot. Happy to do it, I showed up; started filming; and little did I know that Chris would be at the same video shoot. After a couple of hours of shooting, the cast & crew went out to dinner. Trying to play it super cool, {As he puts it} Chris asked for my number that same night and invited me on a lunch date to catch up.

Knowing Chris’s non-comital history, I went to this lunch date pretty hesitant and with low expectations. I think I even arrived a little late on purpose. Well, Chris RomRell was a grown man this 2nd time around because he was a man of action and a man who knew what he wanted. That intentionally casual lunch date was quickly followed by a dinner date that same night—- prompted by him!

That lunch date was on a Thursday, and we spent Thursday night together too + ALL of Friday + ALL of Saturday + AND ALL of Sunday together. Followed by a group date on Monday night where we kissed for the second-first time. Then on Tuesday night we went on another group-date where he started introducing me to friends as his girlfriend…. and we just skyrocket it from there.

Our families reaction to dating again was very sweet and teaseful! My family was very happy for me cause they knew how much he meant to me, and his family embraced me like no time had passed.

Haven recently gotten out of a marriage, I knew even more what I wanted out of life and a relationship. I din’t want to waste my time, and I din’t want to date causally. I tried Tinder for all of 3 hours then chucked my phone. I was ready to settle down again and talk about a family.

I was very hesitant about telling Chris how I felt, but nonetheless I owed it to myself to find what I wanted, so I told him. You guys… he’s hasn’t left my side since!

We are so thankful for all the wonderful wishes, love, and support we have received for our new relationship.