If this film was rated, it would be rated PG-13. It has a scary "The Ring/Paranormal Activity" vibe!
NOT for the easily offended. You MUST have a sense of humor to watch!

You guys! If you know me, you know that I am a lover of spoofs and I can appreciate humor! I can't tell you how HARD my eyes rolled with the Starbucks Red Christmas Cup Controversy!!!
>>> (Read about it on Refinery29's article HERE and for some fun Internet Mocks HERE) <<<
So I was all about a spoof when Film buddy @BenjaminDanger invited me to be a part of a spoof film!

The film was so fun to be a part of, and it was zero scary while filming it. It was actually extremely funny an hard to keep a straight face! So I was pretty impressed that it turned out completely differently after editing! Oh and I got to hang out with @WebWizBen who is the Professional CosPlayer for Norman Reedus/ Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead !!! Guys, he even has his swagger walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways! I hope you can enjoy this crazy spoof short film by Undefinity TV!