Hello lovely people! 
My brows and lashes are ready to conquer the world!
Technically I could go in for a 3rd and last Microblading session but I love the way they look right now. PS: Yes, I have makeup in the pictures above, but I DO NOT have makeup on my brows or lashes!

It's crazy how different you feel sporting a no-makeup face when your brows are killin' it! I'm not sure if any of you guys ever noticed, but my natural eyebrows were not sisters nor twins, they were more like 2nd cousins! haha I think there are a couple of blog posts where it's a bit obvious! Feel free to hunt those pictures down! Haha!

Sirene totally made them even. She brought one higher to match the other and she made them longer! I'm so in love with my brows, specially cause they still look so natural! I've had a few photoshoots this week, and not once did I put makeup on my brows! I didn't feel like I had to and still loved my look! And can I tell you how much hustle time it's cut off my makeup routine! SO MUCH! Add lash extensions and you are good to go!

Check out an all natural picture of my brows. I had literally just come out of the shower, no makeup, nothing!


Q's & A's

Does it hurt?
Nope. Not one bit. Numbing cream is applied however many times you need it!

How long does it last?
Microbladed brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. It normally starts fading after a year. Just remember everyone's skin is different. 

Can you use makeup on your brows?
After your healing period, yes. But why would you need to ? ;)