I'm a new woman! ;)
Haha but seriously, I feel like a new woman with my microbladed eyebrows! PS: I dodn't have makeup on my brows on the pictures above!

Getting my eyebrows done was something I contemplated for years but I was never to sure of it. Even though I am Latin, my eyebrows and lashes seriously lack color and thickness. I wanted to get them tattooed but I didn't like the permanent makeup look and the fact that they are supposed to be permanent really freaked me out. I have commitment issues with anything and anyone who is not my husband or son !

But then MICROBLADING was invented and it became a total game changer! Microblading is not just a fill in, it is true art. It's done with a very thin blade as strokes of hairs are drawn in imitating your brows and giving your brows a very natural look! 


I'm only in Phase 1, as you have to go through a healing period of 4 weeks before going in for your final touch up but i'm already in love with my new brows. Seriously, it has given me all the confidence I need to walk around without makeup! Between Microbladed eyebrows and Lash extensions, what else do you need? And the best part is that it has minimized my glam routine by like 80%! It has been a total game changer!

Sirene's Beauty Place is awesome enough to offer POSH BY KAT FRIENDS + FAMILY + FOLLOWERS 15% off Lash & brow services. Just go in and mention my name at the time of your appointment!  

I'll be reporting back after Phase 2 but I can already tell you how glad I am that I made this decision!


Qs & As

Does it hurt?
Nope. Not one bit. Numbing cream is applied however many times you need it!

How long does it last?
Microbladed brows can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. It normally starts fading after a year. Just remember everyone's skin is different. 

Can you use makeup on your brows?
After your healing period, yes. But why would you need to ? ;)

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