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Katherine Romrell

As bloggers, we like to project our lives as polished as possible. And though some of us have every intention of keeping our private lives separate, sometimes that line gets a little blurry when life gets real. 
This is a post that I have thought about doing/not doing for a couple of months now. Some may think it tacky to share something so personal, and some may see it with an open heart. 
At the beginning of this Summer, my husband and I decided to split. While it was not a decision we made lightly, it was one that we know is for the best.  
As we started to conclude almost 5 years of marriage, many questions of concern arose. 
The reasons for our decision is something that I wish to remain private. However, I will gladly add the following; There was never disrespect of any kind in our marriage. 
If there has ever been a more amicable, more friendly, and more respectful separation and divorce, We would like to meet them! 
The years that I shared with Terr and his family will forever remain in my heart. I grew with him, I learned with him, and I loved him. Terr was nothing less than a wonderful husband. As we move on, I wish him only the best in his new life and adventures. I know with all my heart that he will go far in life. He is one of the best human beings I've had the pleasure of knowing, with unique qualities that makes anyone a better person for just knowing him.  He was and will always be my best friend. 
Terr and I will remain close friends. As we truly  appreciate ongoing privacy, we also cannot express enough gratitude to those who have shown us genuine love, respect, and support as we go through these changes.