It might be the pregnancy Hormones in me BUT I started looking at all my pictures and re-lived the best of 2015 and now I want to share it with you!

Though this one is technically during the end of 2014, it is still one of my fave moments. This was one of my favorite dates with Chris where he took me to the NutCracker as a Surprise!!! The Nutcracker has sentimental value to me and he totally made it feel special again! We were officially dating but still on the DL! Fun times!

We officially announced our relationship on Valentines Day! As for our plans that day, we went to PFChang's (one of my fav restaurants), and then watched movies! Post Here!

Utah Fashion Week!!! I Love Fashion. I love Modeling. I love Runway. I Love Bree. Need I say more? Post Here!

Chris in Action. I got to my follow my BF around in sets while he doubled actors and did his stunts! It was so fun hanging out in real movie sets, meeting actors and seeing the whole magic happen!

American Ninja Warrior! Most of you know Chris from ANW. He did great the first 2 years but lost the 3rd year! It was still such a fun trip! Post Here!

Road Tripping to New Mexico! We drove to New Mexico in the Summer, Stayed with friends and both booked gigs! So much fun! Post Here!

Cover Girl contact me for a product review collaboration! Post Here!

Being in the Magazine Launch of my former magazine: From Utah Chic Magazine to Utah Fashion Insider! Post Here!

Getting engaged to the love of my life! Proposal Here and Engagement Session Here!

Our Engagement Party! Which was also a couple's shower/We are Kind of Eloping Party! Since we planned on a VERY private, small, and secret wedding, we still wanted an occasion to celebrate with our friends


Honeymoon in St.Croix, Virgin Islands! Post Here!

Filming a few commercials for Mitsubishi Salt Lake! Reels Here!


Collaborating with Bliss Tulle for the renovation of Posh By Kat! Post Here!

A baby! Finding out that we are pregnant And in the way that we did! Best day ever! Post Here!

Being sent shoes directly from Reebok purely as a wedding gift! Post Here!

Collaborating with Natalie Wynn as much as I have this year has been amazing! And the last dress she put me in was my favorite! Post Here!

Seeing my belly grow! It did not feel real until I got a bump! Such an amazing feeling!

Christmas this year! Besides being 100% happy with where we are in life right now and being able to rejoice in that during Christmas, my family received such AMAZING NEWS! It's not my news to tell but when the time is right, I will share!