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Katherine Romrell


Hello Pregnant Mommies!
I’ve taken the liberty of pulling you along with me on this journey I’m about to start for the next two weeks with Bloomlife!

If you’re wondering what BLOOMLIFE is, I’m here to tell you all about it!
Bloomlife is a pregnancy tracker (but not the kind you think) . It’s the first of its own and the world's first clinically validated wearable contraction monitor. YES! A contraction monitor! ….You thought I was talking about one of those phone apps, that all it does is track your baby’s growth week to week and compare your baby’s size to fruits, didn’t you? Haha! It’s okay, I have like 4 of those apps! BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT!

I’ll be honest, I’d seen this product circling around social media for a bit now but I was skeptical about it. During my first pregnancy, I had downloaded several “Contraction Monitor” apps on my phone (Emphasis on those quotation marks) but they were super confusing and you still had to count and time the contractions yourself! They were basically contraction calculators at best—That was very frustrating! How are you supposed to know that what you’re feeling is accurate when it’s your first?! Those apps didn’t even have a physical sensor to go along with and that should’ve been a hot indicator. Palm-to-Face!
Whatever! Hindsight… am I right?!

So along came this opportunity to review the product and here we are!
Another confessions though… I did try a session already…. without you guys! (Cue the guilty face) But I was insanely curious! And am happy to report that this thing definitely seems to work the way we want it to work! Before I dive into a few details of what my first session was like: I’m gonna get some Q&A’s out of the way, that I myself had!



Q: How does it read contractions and how do you know?
“Bloomlife is completely non-invasive and measures uterine activity with electrophysiology (the same technology used when doctors measure your heart rhythm with EKG).”
A: To view and keep track of your contractions, you download the Official BloomLife app. The app syncs to your Bloomlife device.

Q:What comes in the box?
(I was curios about this one myself, so I took a picture of the items inside. Just incase you’re a visual-being like me!) The box contains everything you will need: Bloomlife sensor, patches, sensor charging cord, and a quick guide. Pictured above.

Q: Can Bloomlife tell you the difference between Braxton Hicks and real labor contractions?
A: Yes & No

”Bloomlife detects all uterine muscle activity including Braxton Hicks. It cannot, at the moment, classify Braxton Hicks vs. labor contractions.” [However, this is NOT A DEAL BREAKER because…] “the contraction pattern bar allows women to quickly see regularity of contractions.” [Irregular = Braxton Hicks / Regular = Labor Contractions.]

Q: Do I have to wait till I’m in active labor to use it?
A: Nooooo.
Definitely don’t wait that long because by that time, you will most likely need to use your own hospital’s gear. You can start using BloomLife when you hit your 3rd trimester. “Bloomlife works best as a preparative learning and connecting tool in the weeks leading up to labor.”

Q: Will it tell me when I need to go to the hospital?
A: “Bloomlife does not notify you when it is time to head to the hospital. Rather it helps you decide for yourself whether or not you are in labor based on contraction regularity and timing. Women and their partners use the data to make more confident decisions and/or facilitate the conversation with their care team.”

For more Q&A’s go to



Alright, so my first session was really cool.
I decided to try it out at night, once Leo was in Bed and Chris and I were getting into our couch & netflix routine. Usually at night is when I feel more activity on my uterus anyway. I think that’s the norm for most women?!

Also, I think that you should treat your first session with a little patience. I used it for two hours and the 2nd hour seemed to have more accurate readings of what was going on. Braxton hicks vs Baby Movement! Yes It can sense your baby moving too! Double cool!

After each session, it gives you a summary of your contraction trend!
I had 7 within those two hours! And I can confidently say they were contractions. Irregular contractions but none the less, they were contractions! It records what time you got a contraction, how long it lasted, and the minutes in between the next one. It does it in real time too, so every time I felt a contraction, I looked at my app and sure enough it was recording one. I feel like Im geeking out right!

So what I’ll be doing for the next two weeks is recording a bit of my session everyday and sharing it with you girls!

If you just can’t wait to get your own: Use my code to get 10% off your weekly rental: KAT10.
If you want to experience it through me first, I’ll see you in my stories!


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