We are ecstatic!!!
We knew from day 1 that it was a _____! Oh yeah, you have to watch the video! :)

Not to get all freaky on you but I consider myself a very intuitive person! Since the day we found out we were pregnant, we have been calling the baby by its gender! I also had two dreams that it was a _____ BEFORE we even knew we were pregnant, and I took it as a sign! Mind you, I am not superstitious, nor do I practice magic, nor voodoo... but those who know me, know I am intuitive. Maybe it's a crazy latin thing!  Our first attempt at finding out the sex, they told us their evaluation which happened to be correct! So Chris didn't even want to go back for the conclusion! But hunch- or no hunch, I can't buy baby clothes without knowing 100%!

And for my pregnant girlfriends who've asked if I've found any Old Wives Tales to be true .....Nope. Not at all! Most of what I read or did-- predicted the opposite and a lot of articles contradicted one another. So, nope. Nothing! (So sorry) The one thing that I have heard that was correct was; If I am craving salt, then it's a _____!

It was so fun seeing everyone's guesses though! I love how interactive you all are!!! I just wanna hug you and party with you!!! Thank you for being so involved!!! 

Now... to start planning the baby shower!!!