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Katherine Romrell



First off, Before we begin, I’m gonna write a huge statement & warning.
I mean it with love.

I would like to state that I 100% believe and know that breastmilk cannot be compared to formula. Breastmilk is Liquid Gold and I admire women who can breastfeed without a physical or mental hitch. I wish that would’ve been my story but unfortunately breastfeeding does not workout for everyone. At the end of the day, I’m so thankful that we live in a day and age where not only does baby formula exist but it’s come a long way.

And if you’re here cause you’ve been blessed to nurse your baby but are now done, I think you’re amazing! 🙌🏼

With that said, I’m here to advocate for 3 things:

  • MENTAL HEALTH. Yes, there’s a direct link to PPD and Nursing. Does not happen to everyone, but it does happen, and it happened to me. Learn about the facts HERE & HERE.

  • FED IS BEST. A baby’s gotta eat, so just feed your baby the way you want to.

  • YOU DO YOU. So long as you’re not harming yourself or others, proceed to do you.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m not in the medical field whatsoever, so my advice is that you do your own research as well.


If you’re wondering why breastfeeding didn’t work out for me with either of my boys,
you can read about it HERE. Long story short; It has to do with PPD & Oxytocin.


I’m here to tell you what worked for me (twice) in hopes that it will help other women in need too. When I was in desperate need to dry out my milk, I found very little information and help. Many different OB’s suggested I just cold turkey, but that did NOT work for me. I attempted to cold turkey with my first boy and instead I ended up getting mastitis. So I found a less brutal way to do it. I tried my method out again with my second baby, and it’s worked pretty great for me.

This method takes 1-2 weeks to dry up, but you will feel very little pain & engorgement.



  • Pump 2-3 times a day. Definitely no more than 4 times.

  • Space them out as much as you can! Example; pump every 8 hours. Then reduce how many times you pump every 24-48 hours.

  • Only pump for 10 minutes. No longer than that. Then start reducing how long you pump every 1-2 days.

  • NOTE:
    I pumped and dumped. I did not feed my baby the milk at any point because I was taking certain medications that are advised to not take during nursing.


Once you hit pumping only once a day, your supply should have significantly decreased.



HOT: In order to relief my pain and engorgement, I took a manual pump for each boob in the shower. Yes, this includes the times I did it 2,3,4 times a day. Showers are just magical for me and this postpartum phase was not fun. The warm water helped let down my milk and helped so much with the pain. If you don’t want to hop in the shower each time, just use a hot electrical pad on your boobs. I suggest a hot electric pad cause its fast & convenient.

COLD: I also bought boob gel pads that you can put in the fridge or freezer and I’d snuggle them straight on my boobs after each pump when I was out of the shower. I kept them in the fridge most of the time, just out of preference.



Alright, this is where I got a bit cray. And note that I was pumping and dumping the whole time. So if you’re considering pumping but still giving that Liquid Gold to your baby, be super careful of what medications you’re taking. Some of these might not be for you.

  • I took Sudafed round the clock for two weeks.
    I did a ton of research and I came a cross an article that said a study showed that women experienced a decrease of 10%-30% in their milk supply a day when they took Sudafed.

  • I also alternated between ibuprofen and acetaminophen round the clock for pain and swelling.



I dabbed a bit of peppermint oil and Vicks Decongestant Rub straight on my nipples several times a day for two weeks.



I did all of these things for two weeks. By day 8, I barely had supply but did have a few leaks when I felt temperature change. AKA: when I hopped in or out of the shower or when I was shirtless. Around this time, I was able to brave a more “cold-turkey” approach cause there wasn’t much milk coming in after a week of this.


My friends,
never in the history of ever, have I seen, read, heard, or witnessed so much hate and ignorance on the subject of Vaginal Deliveries vs C-Sections and Breastmilk Vs Formula. True palm to face explosion over here.

If someone tries to bring you down because of these choices, they are truly outdated and uninformed, (and how embarrassing for them). 🙈😬😬😬

I’m here to remind you that, so long as you’re not bringing harm to yourself or others; What you decide for you, your babies, and your fam is never and should never be up for grabs or shamed by anyone else.

Happy journey to you ♥️


Katherine Romrell

Maggie Watkins



Yes! You read that right!
Today we’re talking about placentas and how I consumed mine and how I think every women should too! Before your gagging reflexes start reacting, let me clarify what I mean. I had my placenta dehydrated and encapsulated! Yes, like herbal capsules! And by consumed, I mean I kicked them back with a glass of water. Zero taste! Shoutout to my girlfriend Jess Norris, whom very confidently told me consuming my placenta needed to be a part of my game plan this 2nd time around for it’s health benefits; mainly fighting against PPD, and she was right!



There are soooo many health benefits to consuming your placenta. Some (KEYWORD: SOME) of them include:

  • Increase in milk production

  • Increased energy levels

  • Decrease in stress levels

  • Decrease in postpartum baby blues/depression

  • Reduced PostPartum Bleeding

  • Restored Iron Micronutrients

  • Restored Multi Nutrients

The benefits I’ve experienced:

  • Increase in milk production
    Though my nursing story ends differently, (more on that later), I most definitely had more supply this time around.

  • Decrease in postpartum baby blues/depression.
    Yes! My husband, my family, and I noticed a huge difference. I’ll give you the scientific details in a sec.

  • Restored Iron Micronutrients
    I’m iron deficient, so this was an immediate yes.

  • Restored Multi Nutrients: Healthy Skin & Hair.
    HAIR: My hair and skin have never looked better. Most of you know I’ve struggled with an eating disorder throughout my life. I was coming out of a bad phase right before I got pregnant. I noticed my hair starting to thin out while I was pregnant. I went to a dermatologist in TEARS, and she said it was because sometimes your body takes a while to heal after you’ve malnourished yourself. During pregnancy, your baby will take all your nutrients before you, and it didn’t help that I had THE WORST morning sickness throughout my 1st trimester. (Head in bowl multiple times a day). I took 3 different types of prenatals and a few other vitamins during this pregnancy to make sure baby got everything he needed and to make up for loss, but ironically, my hair did not kick into turbo mode till after baby was born. Fast forward to postpartum stage, My hair has been growing super quick and has been thicker than ever. I’ve also been back on birth control since week 4 of postpartum, and I don’t know about you but birth control has never been friends with my hair.

    SKIN: My skin has been great too. I feel like the pregnancy glow you’re promised during pregnancy completely skipped me this time. Refer back to malnutrition & morning sickness 🤦🏻‍♀️. But (call me crazy) I feel like it wasn’t till after I gave birth and started consuming my placenta that I started to radiate a bit. And your skin is usually a good indicator of what your insides are digesting. If you’re eating like crap, your skin is going to reflect that and visa-versa. So…Coincidence? I think not.



During pregnancy, your hormones increase a significant amount (duh).
After you give birth, you have a dramatic drop in hormones (estrogen and progesterone). THAT dip in hormones alone can trigger postpartum depression/anxiety. And if you’re prone to depression or anxiety before pregnancy and/or during pregnancy, your chances are higher. I deal with anxiety on a regular basis and i had baby blues during this pregnancy. So I was preparing myself.

Consuming your placenta helps in this department because it helps put back the dosage of hormones your body was used to during pregnancy. So when you first start consuming your placenta, you start at a high dose and then start weening yourself off to avoid said hormone drop!



This 2nd time around, though PPD did start creeping up on me, it was NOTHING like my first time. (You can read about it HERE). The first time around was very intense and scary.

However, there’s only sooooo much you can do, right? Some things are just out of our control. The biggest culprit here is/are hormones. Consuming my placenta was definitely a game changer and so helpful in the front end of things and in preventing that drastic hormone drop we just talked about. But there’s one more hormone change I can’t seem to escape and that’s Oxytocin. Yup. You read that right. Not everyone reacts positively to Oxytocin. WHO WOULD’VE THOUGHT!

Oxytocin, The “Love” hormone you release when you give birth but is delayed when you have a c-section. It’s also referred to as a Two-Faced Hormone. Read the following articles that explain the evidence:

I learned about this dilemma the first time around, with Leo.
I went to my OB for PPD help, and he said “Stop nursing”. I dead scuffed at him and asked him if he was serious. He was serious. It had been close to 3 months and Leo STILL hadn’t latched on, so I was currently pumping (And PS: The very little milk I produced, did not sit right with Leo’s tummy ever). So my OB said that’s even more reason to close the floodgates. He explained the other side to Oxytocin. This gutted me because I didn’t want to give up on nursing. Besides ALL THE BENEFITS that nursing has, I also felt like this was a right of passage as a women that I didn’t want to miss out on, and I was desperately seeking to bond with my newborn through the post-partum struggle.

So…. THIS time, I was already planning on skipping nursing.
I did nothing to help my milk come in. I thought to myself “If my milk comes in, then I’m gonna give it a try. And if it doesn’t, then thats okay”. Newsflash, your milk comes in either way. But a part of me was hoping that maybe I wouldn’t react bad to oxytocin again because I so badly wanted to experience nursing. But no.

A week had gone by since I gave birth to Luke and I was doing just fine.….. until my milk came in. Cue oxytocin.

It was a night & day difference. And immediately after my milk came in, I was a different person. I was sad, mad, moody, snappy, anxious, couldn’t stop crying, and I could feel the depression starting to set in. I was so stubborn about nursing that I even set myself up further. “If Luke latches on, then we’re nursing” but by almost week 2, Luke was very comfortable with a bottle, so he didn’t. And thank goodness, because oxytocin is not my friend.



Bless my mom. No matter how much I thanked her for coming to help with Luke, I don’t think she will EVER know HOW grateful I am for her and everything she’s done. My mom got up with Leo every morning, made sure we were fed every meal without us having to lift a finger, took Leo toy & cloth shopping, took Leo out to play, bought goodies for all of us, grocery shopped for us, comforted me and supported me through my back and forth of “Maybe I’ll nurse. No, I won’t. But maybe I will!” And she even rebooked her flight at the beginning of all of this (And ate the cost) due to my C-section rescheduling shenanigans! And can you believe after EVERYTHING she did for me and us, that one morning I had the audacity to be a little snappy with her because she couldn’t figure out how to use my coffee machine. My heart breaks every time I think of that stupid moment. I’m not even sure if she noticed but this memory will haunt me forever. She’s a saint and she deserves a private island.

And as if we hadn’t already gotten mega spoiled by my mom, my in laws came to stay with us when my mom went home. My in laws are just the kinda people that are magical with kids and fun to hang out with too. They were kind enough to take both of the boys out during the day at the same time so that Chris and I could catch up on some sleep. It was heavenly! And they SPOILED our boys good. Took them cloth & toy shopping too! Haha! We were so thankful they were able to come be with us during that postpartum stage. It was incredibly helpful.



  • Your placenta is composed of powerful properties such as; Prolactin, Cortisone, Interferon, Prostaglandins, Hemoglobin, Urokinase, Gammaglobulin, micronutrients, and Thyroid stimulating hormone.

  • My doula used the Traditional Chinese Method to dehydrate and encapsulate my placenta.

  • I would highly suggest figuring out what dose works best for you.
    For example: My dosage recommendation was to start of with 2 Pills/ 3x’s Daily the first week and then go down from there but when I went down the following week, I started getting bitchy, so I went one more week with the high dose before moving down. (The problem could’ve also been that- that was around the same time my milk came in). However, I’ve continued to alter my dose a bit here & there and I’ve been feeling great.

  • Do your research when hiring the person who will preserve your placenta. There are many articles that are against consuming your placenta, but it all comes down to the method and the sterilizing environment used during the process. And they should of-course be certified in their field. This isn’t just some side hustle anyone can pick up and do.

  • If you have any illness or diseases that could be passed down, consuming your placenta is advised against.

  • Do your research about all of this. The best decisions are made when you are well informed.



…with postpartum, know that I think you’re a warrior. Truly.
PPD/PPA is no joke and it should never be taken lightly, or be made a shamed of. If you feel like you are struggling with it now, pretty please let this post be the push and courage that you need to find help. Whether if it’s having your placenta preserved, hopping on anti-depressants, or talking about it to someone who can help. There is no wrong way and you will be heard and helped! You are amazing!


Katherine Romrell



Remember how I was freaking out that my c-section got rescheduled from June 18th to June 20th? And I had a massive tantrum because having to wait two more days seemed like an eternity doubled? And on top of that, I didn’t want Leo & Luke to share birthdays (June 20th) even though we decided preemptively that they would have combined bday parties for the rest of their childhood?…. not sure why I get called complicated. 😂


Well let’s start from the beginning!
I was planning one last pool day with my GF’s before I went into labor, but I cancelled because I thought my water was leaking. So to be safe, Chris took me to the hospital to make sure. That was around 1pm. When we got to triage, I met the most “friendliest” nurse 🙄. She checked me and did the whole poke & prod dance but I was still super tight and intact down under. Back to the super friendly nurse, I can tell she thought I was there purposely for the wrong reasons and that I was just waisting everyone’s time (including my own) ….Pff. I’ll spare you a few boring details of how I thought she was being petty. So anyways, we get discharged, picked up Leo from school and go home. That was around 4:30.

Once we were at home, I started feeling contractions. It was around 6pm. And I thought to myself… “You’ve gotta be kidding me. We just came from the hospital”. My contractions started getting meaner as the day turned into night. Once it was midnight, my contractions were exactly 10 minutes apart, so I put on my BloomLife Monitor. (PS: At this point, I had no obligation to continue to use my sponsored monitor). My contractions started getting meaner and MEANER throughout the night. THESE contractions were INSANE! They were the kind that you gotta do breathing exercise during to make it through. Anyways, my contractions started to get closer together and lasted longer. So throughout the night, I went from 10 minutes apart…. to 8 minutes apart…and so on. At 6ish am, my Bloomlife Monitor read my contractions were 6 minutes apart and one minute long! I was like “…….Wait, I think this is labor!” So I called the hospital and asked:

ME: “If i’m scheduled for a c-section but start going into labor, do I just pre-labor at home?” (And I explained where my contractions were at)
HOSPITAL: “NO! If you’re scheduled for a repeat C-section and you think you’re in labor, you need to come to the Hospital right away, even if you’re in the pre-labor stages!”
ME: 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

We had our friend Ronnie Shalvis (hero) come over to watch Leo, so Chris & I headed to the Hospital!
We got to the hospital right before 7am. We head into triage, and the same nurse that saw us the day before was back on duty. She sees us and you can already tell by the smug look on her face that she thinks I’m back to play more games.
…………………..Cause you know, I was getting board of my king-size-memory-foam-bed and thought I’d change it up during the most uncomfortable time in my life AT an ungodly hour.

We get in a Triage curtain room, she hooks me up to the monitors and LEAVES. She did not check me down under and absolutely NO ONE comes in to check on me for 40+ MINUTES. 40+ minutes! I have proof cause I was texting my mom as soon as I got into the hospital, and then again, as soon as they said “She’s in labor”.
// PS: Bless my mom, she was on her way to the airport to catch her flight to me, as all of this was going down.//
My contractions started getting so bad and mean that I COULDN’T breath through them! So Chris opens the curtain to our room and says “Can we get a nurse in here, her contractions are getting worse”. Same lovely nurse comes in and says :

“I guess we should check you” in a very smug tone.
She takes a quick trip down under. She comes back up and starts to take her gloves off as she speed walks out of the room. Then I hear her say on the other side of the curtain: “We need to get the doctor up here, I think she’s in labor” ………!!!!!! Her voice didn’t sound so smug anymore. I mean… if there’s anything that I learned during Birthing Class, It’s that you have to be at least 4 centimeters dilated to be considered “In labor”. Mind you, I’m super livid and fuming on the inside at this point but too tired to fight her, so I was nothing but nice to that terrible nurse the whole time.

Next thing I knew, The doctor came in with a different nurse (thank goodness) and they started hooking me up to mobile wires and an IV. So it must’ve been just barely 8ish when they started rolling me out down to the O.R. We get rolled down to the O.R. floor and rolled into another waiting room. We had to wait another 2 hours because there wasn’t anyone available and I guess since I wasn’t crowning or immediately dying, it wasn’t considered an emergency. BUT OH MY GOSH, I wanted to pass out from the contractions and pain. No joke! We kept asking for an epidural but for some reason they kept putting it off. I take my hat off to women who purposely opt-out of the epidural and have drug-free vaginal births! They should be leading our Country !

So Fast-forward to those 2 hours, and they wheel me into the O.R. …Still no epidural.
They finally start prepping me! I hear rumors of my epidural coming in!
I’m still dealing with contractions and started getting the worst one yet, so a nurse in the OR comes over and grabs my hand and says
“Just hug me! Just hug me really tight and lean on me!” …. I’m bawling at this point. Then she starts trying to distract me by asking me questions…
Nurse: How many kids do you have?
Me: One!
Nurse: Boy or girl?
Me: Boy!
Nurse: And is this one a girl or a boy?
Me: Boy!
Nurse: Are you guys planning on having any more?
Me: No.
Nurse: Then this is the last contraction you will ever feel!
…and they stuck me with my epidural!!! 🙌



My doctor performed my c-section seamlessly and Luke Legend Romrell was born at 10:14am.
Lookie came out crying bloody murder! It was both sweet and scary! haha! With Leo, he didn’t make a peep the whole time. But Luke was too comfy in my womb and was not happy to be evicted. Seriously, He scream-cried at the top of his lungs for a while. After a minute he sounded like a rabid cat. I sent Chris to keep him company cause I felt so bad that nothing was calming my new baby and obviously I couldn’t do much while strapped to the OR table. Chris headed over to Luke and starts shouting out Luke’s stats! “Holy cow babe! 8lbs/ 11oz! He’s a big boy”!

Then Chris brought him over and cuddled him next to me so I could get a good look at him! He was so big, pudgy, swollen, and had my heart immediately! There was just no more room for him in my womb. I wanted to just kiss on him so bad, but I was still strapped to the table! haha! ♥️



So I think I thoroughly expressed to everyone (till we were all blue in the face) How scared I was of surgeries and C-sections! It was never in my plans with Leo and I wasn’t in love with the possibility of having another c-section with Luke. Honestly, my c-section experience and postpartum depression with Leo scared me straight into never wanting to have any more kids. And as it was all coming back, the fear in me was so big, that I felt the need to turn to God and put all my faith and trust in him.

I feel insanely blessed for all of the support I received throughout this and I’m thankful for everyone who held my hand even from States away! A huge shout out to my little sister who came and stayed with me during the worst time of pregnancy and when Chris was filming in Thailand! My sweet cousin Suzy, who is a nurse (but lives in Utah) who would put up with all my crazy questions and talked me through my irrational fears of surgery. My friend Kim Weinreb who has a cushy palace waiting for her in heaven because she is the most giving, selfless, and service oriented person I’ve ever met, and was basically my person throughout this entire pregnancy; specially during all the other times Chris had to travel. She spoiled me good (and she was the one who threw me the adorable SuperHeroes Baby shower). My friend Michelle Southam, whom sent me the most empowering email ever, right before I went into labor. She titled it “Your beautiful brain” and reminded me of the power that our brain has, for good or bad, and how it can rule us or how WE can rule IT, and how us mama’s have such amazing spiritual gifts. (And I actually and literally read said email while we were in the waiting room before the OR 🙌). And of course, my amazing and wonderful husband who gave me a blessing right before I was wheeled off to the OR.

I’m about to get really personal, but I want to document every detail so that I don’t ever forget how it all happened.

During my first c-section, there was two points in time where I lost it. When I was wheeled in to the OR, and when they put the oxygen mask on me. My anxiety took over. This 2nd time around, while I was being wheeled off to the OR, I felt a little panic come over me, but then I immediately felt an overwhelming sense of calmness reign over me. I became so calm, that it felt like I was floating. Crazy, I know! Just no other way to explain it! Then once in the OR, when i saw the baby station (with the bed warmer and monitors) another dose of overwhelming calmness and confidence came over me. I just felt such a positive and spiritual energy in the room right then. I felt so close to Luke, even though he was still in me, and I felt so close to God and my loved ones who have passed on. More specifically, my sweet grandma who passed earlier this year. I truly felt like they were in the room with me, watching over me, and had my back at this exact moment. It was such a unique feeling and experience and I’ve never felt anything like it. ♥️

Luke Legend on the left and Leonardo Atlas on the right.

Luke Legend on the left and Leonardo Atlas on the right.



My recovery was off to such a good start this time around. I didn’t feel the massive shakes you get after labor & delivery. This 2nd time around, I was walking as soon as the 24 hour wait was up. Granted, it was the silly hunched-over grandma walk, moving at the speed of a sloth, but it was a huge win for me. With Leo, I did get the terrible shakes and it sent me into a full panic. They had to sedate me and I don’t remember much, other than just waking up in the recovery room. AND I had not gotten out of the bed till day 4! So… winning!

A few hours later, Chris left to pick up my mom from the airport, and Leo from school! It was such a great feeling to see my mom walk through the door! And this was the moment that Leo met his brother Luke!
Mom & Chris took video of it and I’m so glad this little moment between Leo & Luke was caught. It wasn’t the best of reactions but it was real, and I could tell Leo was confused, curious, cautious, and possibly a little heartbroken. As soon as Leo walked in the room, he looked at me like “So this is who you’ve been spending your time with!?” Haha! His little eyes are so expressive. As the day went by, he became more and more curious of Luke and we were able to catch a sweet moment of Leo rubbing Luke’s head. ♥️



Katherine Romrell





If you guys saw my recent letterboard post, then you’re mostly up to speed about my new delivery date!
My goodness, I’ve never heard of another women getting her delivery date changed soooo many times.

When we first found out we were pregnant, the EDD was July 2nd! Then it was changed to June 25th. Then i had two OB’s conflicting with each other on how far along I really was. (I was in UT for my 2nd trimester and saw my old OB there in the meantime). Utah said that my EDD was June 18th but that if I was going for a scheduled c-section that I needed to go on the week of June 10th. (A week earlier because they go off of your last pregnancy’s trend, and Leo came a week early). When I came back to GA, my OB here (who’s apparently NEVER wrong) said “Nope, our EDD of June 25th is correct but we’ll schedule you for a c-section on the week of the 17th”. My c-section got scheduled a week before the 18th (for the 18th) and then this past Thursday I got a call from the OB clinic saying that their surgical team has rescheduled my c-section for June 20th.

It’s fine. I’m fine.
I lost my sh*t that day I got the call, but i’m mostly just emotionally dead now. 🙄😅

I’ve never been more matter of fact and demanding (and rude) on the phone in my life.
At first, no one could tell me WHY it was rescheduled but that was unacceptable for me so I started hunting nurses and doctors down to give me answers. I was on the phone back and forth with the surgical team in the hospital and with my OB’s clinic. Finally my OB’s clinic hunted down my OB who was at the airport catching a flight and she gave me a call.

Basically, she explained that there was a few emergency surgeries that bumped scheduled surgeries down. So like a domino effect. SUPPOSEDLY this happens more often than you’d know (even though this is the first I’ve ever heard of it)!

Now that I’m calm…. it makes sense right? But in the moment, I was like “WHYYYYYY WOULD THAT AFFECT MY SCHEDULED SURGERY DAYS BEFORE!!!!” At the time I was soooo mad, that I was shaking, and then all I could do was bawl my eyes out HARD! And if you’re wondering why the two day difference made me loose it, I’m here to tell you why!

I wish I could say graceful things about pregnancy but pregnancy is just not a fun ride for me and this 2nd pregnancy has been HELL. Full of so many trials. So needless to say, I’ve been over it from the beginning and having to wait 2 extra days made me go CRAZY!

A c-section is hard recovery. We all know that, right?! But I’ve been told time and time again that the recovery for a 2nd c-section (with a toddler at home) is harder and longer. We had planned to get my mom out here during specific dates so that I could get all the help I need, but once they changed the date, they changed our game plan! Did I mention i’m a control freak? LUCKILY my mom was able to change her flight for new dates, So hopefully our new timeline pans out!

Leo’s birthday is JUNE 20th too!
I know, I know! It’s trivial and silly and not the end of the world. And even if they were just days apart, I was already planning on combining birthday parties for life. But It was okay with me when the due dates were different because they could have THEIR OWN special day! But now that they’ll share birth-dates, I feel like I’ll never be able to make them both feel uniquely special on their day. They’re just gonna have to share the lime-light on their birthdays forever. I LOVE my siblings BUT, I would not want to share a birthday with my siblings. Maybe that’s just me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

Now that I’ve cooled off, I’m just trying to make the most of this last week with Leo and Chris before we throw a newborn into the mix. We’ve had lots of afternoons filled with icecream, water activities, dinners, and dates!

We are sooo anxious to meet our new baby boy and would not be opposed if he arrived a little earlier!


Katherine Romrell




Hello friends!
Initially I was so worried about how this shoot would turn out. In fact, I wasn’t even sure I wanted maternity pictures this pregnancy. It’s no secret I’ve struggled with body issues on/off for years, and I’ve never been bigger than I am now. I actually gained more weight in my first pregnancy but I started out at a bigger weight in this pregnancy! Anyways, eventually I convinced myself to do pictures on the possibility of regret… “What if I regret not doing them” and we can’t really turn back time no can we?! So I went forward with them!

Needless to say the bodysuit was a risky choice considering I would bare a lot! Haha! But once we began shooting, I think it really just helped me Just be, and it doesn’t hurt that Michelle is such a great photographer and sweet company!

Also, If you think these photo’s weren’t touched up, you’re seriously kidding yourself. I’ve got mega cellulite going on right now and was battling some mean razor bumps that day! haha!

I’ve got one more maternity shoot to post, so come back soon!

PS: As of yesterday, I have one week left! My c-section has been scheduled for June 18th!!!!