Getting prepped! 

Getting prepped! 

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Round of applause for hair & make-up! Ashley is amazing!

Round of applause for hair & make-up! Ashley is amazing!

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Photography By: Shannon Elizabeth
Dress: Claire Pettibone/ Claire Pettibone Facebook
at Gateway Bridal
Suit: Nordstrom
MUA & Hair: Ashley Lewis at Vivesque
Florist: April Everett at The Rose Shop
Invitations: Paper Muse Press
Props: Signature Party Rentals
Cake: Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe
Groom: Jed Skeen of Aronik

IN LOVE does not even begin to describe how I felt about my dress. The dress was a couple sizes bigger but I WAS GOING TO WEAR IT ANYWAY! You can imagine how heart broken I was at the end of the shoot when I parted ways with it!

Sometimes I wish that..
1. I knew of Pinterest existence when I was getting married
2. That it was socially acceptable to renew your vows every year in a new wedding dress... every year !

You will not believe how far and out the very talented photographer went to make this photo shoot happen! There is no wonder The Bridal Industry has her on their radar!
Everything from dress to cake, invitations, flowers, props...was just to die for!!! I got to take a bouquet home after the shoot! Which may or may not be dried by now sitting on a beautiful vase facing my window :)

The florist had driven from IDAHO and brought all these exquisite props. Including china that matched the setting! The stylist is the cutest most talented thing and I urge her to start her own beauty blog!!! She rocks at hair! And my groom was so great to work with! Made the whole shoot fun! Not to mention he had the most amazing stories to tell about my home town Miami, Europe, and his new company Aronik which is already getting a lot of Buzz by the media!