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Sunnies: Cotton On
Earrings: Forever21
Shirt: The Lumineers
Lips: CoverGirl LipStain
Booties: Vince Camuto

Terr and I had the pleasure of attending The Lumineers concert in September.
After 4 songs the concert got cut short due to the weather. I was crushed because they are one of my favorite bands but at least I can say I've heard them live and they are awesome!

So awesome in fact that that even though the Great Saltair did not refund tickets, The Lumineers did! Yup. I love them!

I just had to wear their shirt!
I really like how comfortable this outfit is. It's very different from my usual style for sure! Sometimes we don't feel like 'ourselves' when we dress outside our comfort zone and I always rely on 'girly' but with a pair of hot shoes and a good doze of confidence, I promise you'll rock ANY look!