Street Style

Street Style

Photography by: Chris Romrell | Jacket & Tee: Eleventh Avenue | Jeans: F21 | Heels: Target | Sunnies: C/O furormoda


Happy Monday!
Chris & I snuck away to New Mexico on Thursday night!
He got a last minute call to be on a film down here and when we arrived I booked a modeling job with a spa! I Feel very lucky that we are both into the same things and have common goals in the same industry. We get to travel together and do what we love together! *Counting our blessings*

Since we've been here, we have been kicking it back and staying with friends, hanging out by the pool, exploring local restaurants, and Chris has been teaching me how to drive stick! <<<That has been a crazy/scary/fun adventure. I'm not sure I am ready to drive stick on my own yet!

Anyways, I need to be better about documenting memories because I am the last person you see pulling out her phone to take pictures! I may try SnapChat!!! We will see! Haha!

Love you all!