The answer is SIRENE LASH! 
I've never gotten asked more times in my life about lashes than in the last couple of months!

Yanina of Sirene Lash is your whole beauty squad. She not only has a Lash Parlor in her home, she has a full equipped hair salon and doe sit all. 

But anyways, back to Lashes.I first heard of Sirene Lash through my lover Carmen! Her lashes are always full and beautiful (and I thought they were real) until I asked!  So I started going to Yanina!

As always I get the Volume Lashes. Volume lashes are thinner than normal lash extensions. There are so many benefit to volume lashes because they look more natural, they are thinner so less damage on your natural lash, and they last twice as long! They are my fav. Yanina also does the regular lashes, so take your pick ;)

Message her on IG for an appointment!


How long does an appointment take?
Normal Lashes take about an hour. Volume Lashes take about two. Yanina is very quick and efficient though, so she normally can get you done under expected time.

Does the process hurt?
Nope. Not with Yanina. You might as well use your appointment as nap time.

How long do they last?
Mines last about a month and a half to two. It depends on how well you take care of them.

How do you take care of them?

  • Do not get your lashes wet within the first 8-12 hours. No humidity, soap, nothing.
  • Try not to sleep on your face.
  • DO NOT rub of pick. You will get bald spots.
  • Avoid mascara until you are at that "I need a fill" phase.
  • Do not use oily makeup remover, and as you are removing your makeup just be careful around your lashes.
  • Brush them softly with a lash brush after showers or after washing your face.
  • If you feel like you need mascara or eyeliner on the daily, I would suggest to go for a bolder look/fill.