Runway Hair

Runway Hair

I was a little scared for the health of my hair but my hair is doing great, thanks for asking ;)

So I had a super amazing opportunity to collaborate with Runway Hair! And .... collaboration or not, It's my new hair salon! My former hair salon (Which shall remain nameless) was good but not great. Every time I asked to go lighter, I was told.... I was too tan! I can't even! ... I'm not even gonna get into that. Not worth it.

I want to go even blonder but I am always scared to fry my hair, so I am taking it slow! Granted, anytime i've gone to the lighter side, I treat my hair with lots of hair masks!! But if you experienced ladies have any tips, throw them my way! 

I was hair-graced by Meg Stringham from @StylingWithMeg herself! All I said was, I want to go a bit lighter and she just worked her magic! Runway Hair Salon uses AVEDA Hair Color which is a Plant Derived Color Line! I'm gonna go ahead and say that's why my hair is doing great!

I think my local Utah Ladies need to try this salon out! They have many other services as well and Runway Hair Salon is offering 30% off Hair Color Service plus an AVEDA Dry Shampoo! Trust me, you want one of those! Just mention POSHBYKAT when you book your appointment!