Rocksbox Review

Rocksbox Review



Hi lovers!
Its been a long time coming but I am now reviewing my beautiful pieces from Rocksbox!
I had heard of Rocksbox before I was approached (because who hasn't heard of them) and I loved the Idea of renting jewelry for just $20 a month but I never got around to it. 

Thank goodness for Blair from Rocksbox for being awesome enough to have a trial at zero cost because now I am hooked. This first set she sent me was just STUNNING! This style was a retro edgy and I just felt so cool wearing it! I think I wore it with everything, even if it didn't go cause I knew I would have to give it back eventually! haha! I was obsessed and had a hard time returning it! I wanted to keep it forever but had I not returned it, I would not be able to try out another one!

Rocksbox has style for everyone AND they have Jewelry from your most favorite Jewelry designers and brands. Try them at least once and you will thank me (or hate me for getting you hooked) It's a love hate relationship for sure ;)

You can have ONE FREE MONTH by using Promo Code: poshbykatxoxo
Do it!!!! And if you do, tell me about it! I want to hear your opinion!

Love you all!