Photography by 
Mary Claire Photography
Dress Courtesy of PB&J Boutique | Hair by Emma's Parlour | MUA by Chelsea Eva | Lashes by Layers & Lashes

I cannot believe I've been blogging for a whole year already!
Growing a fashion blog has seriously been one of the best adventures and troubles I've gotten myself into!

Besides all the amazingly-awesome perks that comes from creating a fashion blog,  My two favorite things from this experience have been making new friends through this journey and connecting with readers from around the world! I've met the sweetest, most creative, and friendliest bloggers through this media!  It is seriously priceless and I hope to meet my readers one day too!

I also feel that blogging has taught me a lot about working from the bottom up and working hard! It might seem like running around and taking pictures in cute clothes is an easy task but you have no idea how much work and energy goes behind networking and featuring products all the while trying (key word: trying) to look flawless! From photography to branding, it's been a growing year!

A super huge thanks and cyber hug to the girls and boutique that help put this together! I seriously lucked out! First, PB&J Boutique answered my prayers by sending me the perfect red dress that I could not find anywhere else! The super cute Nicole from Layers & Lashes who seriously is irreplaceable as far as lash artists goes. Emma, waking me up at 5:30am to do my hair before she dove into a marathon of Hair Show in Park City, how awesome is she?! Chels, one of my bestest, whom while doing my makeup, we can easily have laugh-attacks or heart-to-heart moments. And Finally the legendary Mary Claire who has captured my soul twice now with her flawless talent! I can now die happy!