LASHES: SIRENE LASH | LIPS: Maybelline Mattes (Divine Wine) | BLANKET SCARF: HERE OR HERE | TOP: Target | JEANS: H&M | BOOTS & BELT: Old Navy | JEWELRY: F21


WIDE! WIDE is how I feel lately! I hate complaining at all cause getting pregnant did not come easy and I should look at the positive, not the negative! Plus there are worse struggles to have! ......BUT it's crazy to see your own body change so much for a little tiny human being........ who is only the size of a fig right now, according to my pregnancy apps! haha! Anyways, if you couldn't tell, it was WAY windy during this shoot. I was supposed to shoot more outfits but I chickened out. It was icy cold! 

This was the first time I wore jeans out in public since finding out we are pregnant! I tried the hair-tie trick! It was awesome cause that is really all it was, my bump not my legs, but then I went right back to leggings after the shoot! haha! I honestly can't decide what I want to buy as far as dressing my bump because I feel like... what's the point? I am not going to be pregnant forever! But at the same time I want to look & feel cute! This will be a real experiment!