Nuroo Baby + Giveaway

Nuroo Baby + Giveaway

Baby Swaddlers = Baby burritos! ha!
We absolutely LOVE our Nuroo baby Swaddlers! You know how babies love to be swaddled?! ... and you know how they will unwrap themselves in the middle of the night? Problem solved!...
These baby swaddles come with little wings that velcro together for your baby to stay snug all night long!

5 reasons why we love our Nuroo Baby!

  • Anti Hands: Leo is such a wiggler and his hands have a mind of its own! If i'd let him, he would rub his face all day long. It's so cute!!! The only problem is when he is sleeping, he will wake himself up from rubbing his face if he is not swaddled. And even then, he sometimes brakes out of his swaddles! But he has yet figured out a way to break out of the Nuroo Baby Swaddlers with the velcro wings!
  • Feeding: It makes feeding easier when his arms and hands are not flinging around! 
  • Growth room: The Nuroo Baby Swaddlers have 3 sizes in each swaddler! They can fit in it till they are about 4 months or 28" long!
  • Roomie: The swaddlers gives your baby plenty of leg room.  
  • Machine Washable & Dry-able: 'Nough said!


That's right! Thanks to Nuroo Baby, one lucky winner will get a $35 credit to a Nuroo Baby Item of their choice!
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