New Years Night

New Years Night

DESIGNER: Natalie Wynn | Etsy Shop
Photography by: Elisha Braith
MakeUp By: Jessika Luz
Bloggers as Models: Me | Sassy Red Lipstick | Lovely Deseret | Jenessa Sheffield Hydrangea Blues


Happy New Year's Eve! Here is Part 2 of Natalie Wynn's Holiday LookBook Shoot but I am not going to talk about that!

New Years is one of my favorite Holidays! I am a very festive person! It must be the Latin in me, so I may have said this about all Holidays! But I love the Spirit of New Years! The dressing up! Food! Music! Fire works! The Fresh Start! AND THE COUNTDOWN!!!!

This year Chris and I have decided to stay in and have a Private Celebration!...
... No, I don't just mean sexy time! We have actual plans!...

Tonight we have decided to make ourselves a 3 course meal of fondue, Do movie marathons and watch the NetFlix New Years Countdown! Oh and we have sparkling cider and sparkle sticks!!! We are so freaking excited and what better way to celebrate our last New Years Eve as a family of two!

Happy New Years Eve to you all! Wishing the best celebration and a safe one!