New Mexico Diaries

New Mexico Diaries

Oh Hi!!!!!!!!!
I finally blogged about New Mexico! It has been some cray-cray busy past weeks but I will start where I left off!

Chris and I went to New Mexico earlier this month for many reasons; two being we each booked gigs! It was pretty awesome that it happened that way! Chris got called to be in Independence Day 2, and I booked a Spa Shoot on reference ! The friends we were staying with were all working on Independence Day 2 and they new someone who new someone that needed a model for a Spa opening close to ABQ! It was pretty sweet!

I have to say this Trip was very relaxing and it helped me reset! Sometimes you NEED to get away from everything and reset. I am so happy I was able to do that with Chris! 

Even though Chris and I were on opposite schedules when we were on set, our days off matched up and we were able to do a couple of things around NM! We went to ABQ city and DownTown ABQ, we had snowcones every chance we got, we went to Dave & Busters twice (where we took the Vegas themed pictures), We somehow broke into an abandoned mall, he attempted to teach me how to drive stick (Which I caused lots of road-rage! Sorry fellow ABQ'ns.) I'm definitely not ready to drive stick on my own.

At the end of the day, we watched a film a night with our friend and it was films he had worked on! So we  got to here all about the makings of it straight from the source, and got to hear some amazing stories about George Clooney, Brad Pitt (Jennifer Aniston Era), Dakota Fanning, Matt Damond, and Rene Zellweger. 

On our way back we decided to stop at Moab and see the arches since we had never been and it was such a great detour! I bought a selfie stick and he loathed it for the first 5 seconds but then when we didnt have to bug other peeps to take our picture, he was such a team player! We had so much fun hiking Moab. The arches are so strikingly beautiful! It is always an adventure with that guy! #takemebacktohighschooldays

PS: Chris got to meet Liam Hemsworth! Cue teen-bopper scream!