Living Proof Review

Living Proof Review

Products Courtesy of Living Proof


You guys!!! 
Living proof is the Bomb Dot Com!!!!!

To be honest I am always a bit hesitant to try hair products or do a review on them because I am extremely picky with my hair, but when I saw that Jennifer Aniston is one of the spokes models for Living Proof... it was kind of a no brainer!!!

So here is my honest opinion of Living Proof!
I used Living proof for a good month and here is what I noticed:
- My hair felt thicker & silky
- My hair was easily manageable when styling
- My hair remained cleaner for LONGER!

Shampoo & Co:
The Shampoo and Conditioner where very thorough! I kind of go longer than normal between washes cause I don't believe in washing your hair too often. ( I wash my hair 1-2 a week. Yup! No shame) so it is important that it looks and stays clean as long as possible! With these two I can say hands down that it did and it smelled good for just as long!

Nourishing Styling Cream:
Is awesome. You always need to put some kind of product in your hair before messing with a blow drier or Iron. Its like my hair stylist has said 100xs. If you do not put product in your hair before applying heat, it is just like going to a tanning bed without any kind of lotion! It is horrible. And this cream made my hair feel silky so it definitely must have been nourishing it!

Blow Out Spray:
This Spray is HEAVEN! For someone who blow dries their hair all the time, you'd think I'd be good at blowing out my own hair...... nope..... I suck! This spray however is super helpful!
It gives your hair lots of body and bounce and makes it so that you can manipulate it into a blowout! It also has heat protection AND for some reason, it helps your hair dry faster too when using the blowdryer! This spray is your friend!

You guys, I promise these are worth trying! Lots of things make it to my mail box and while I appreciate all of them, not all of them make it to my blog. The reason for that is that I like to keep all reviews on my blog honest and positive! This is one of them!

Love you all!