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What'sssss Upppp?!
Yes, yes, yes, the answer is yes! I did get a little non-invasive work on my lips recently! And it rocked my world! You should have seen me at the spa! It was like a 6 year old being told that they were going to Disney!
Whatever you do & Wherever you go, if you ever plan on getting non-invasive plastic facial surgery; go to FORM SPA!


Let me let you in on a little secret; I'm super scared of plastic surgery, needles, and changing anything about yourself. Thank you Heidi Montag! But if i'm being super honest, my fear started way before her. The most I've done is Lash extensions, Hair extensions, and Microblading. I don't have tattoos nor any body piercing that is not on my ears. I don't have anything against them, it has nothing to do with religion, I don't shame them, I'm just a baby! I've never even broken a bone. Okay, anyways....When Destiney invited me to FORM SPA, I was like "Hells yeah" but then when I got to the spa, I was pretty nervous. I'd only known so much about any kind of injectors (Catch a HILARIOUS story on my video) but boy was I curious.

FORM SPA, not only informed me  about the different types of procedures, the benefits, and the pros/cons, but they also made me feel super safe! They even went out of their way and got THE Dr.Preston Ward to perform my procedure! Seriously friends, Go check them out! Consultations are free and if you decided to get something done; you can get 10%OFF By telling them that you were referred by POSHBYKAT! Just so you know, I in no way gain any kind of compensation from referrals,  and this is not an ad. Sooo... it's legit!

AND if you want to know things like... "How much I got done? How long it lasts? How long the procedure is? and if it hurt? Go watch my VIDEO!