Lalabu Baby Soothe Shirt

Lalabu Baby Soothe Shirt

Top C/O of Lalabu | @LalabuBaby
Photography by @Chris_Romrell


You guys! This shirt is real!
I can't tell you how  much I love this shirt and who-ever came up with the idea! It's genius!

My Lalabu Soothe shirt is definitely heaven-sent. Not only does Leo LOVE being held all day long (Yes, Please!) it also helps out his acid reflux. Yes, My little 3 week old has been experiencing acid reflux and it's so heart breaking. He hates laying flat on his back because it makes the acid reflux worse, so this top is our best friend! 

I also love that when he is in it, it makes him feel like he is in his natural habitat like how he was in my womb. And oohhh I cannot pass up on such sweet snuggles and close time. Not to mention that the shirt gives you a free hand while still holding your little one, it's nursing friendly, and it's so fit- it hides your postpartum bump a bit! Yasss to all those benefits!

I've worn my shirt while lounging at home, to go grocery shopping, and at a friend's BBQ. You can style it in so many ways, just check out their website or Instagram for some sweet fashion ideas.

Dear new mommies, this is definitely an item you want to have!