Hair: Emma's Parlor | Sunnies: C/O FurorModa | Jewelry: C/O Cents of Style | Jumpsuit: BooHoo


Hello my darling lovies! It is now 27 Degrees in Utah .........."yay"................. ;/

My favorite thing about this look besides my super comfy jumpsuit is the beautiful necklace from Cents Of Style. I am definitely being biased because they let me pick out the necklace and so I genuinely love it along with my matching earrings!

Right now Cents of Style is giving PBK readers 20% off any order! Just use Promo Code: POSHBYKAT. This code will expire on December 31st!

And as far as Jumpsuit goes, I've been obsessed with jumpsuits ever since overalls came back to style. Jumpsuits were my way of avoiding overalls because I am traumatized from childhood. If I had to describe my childhood years between ages 6 to 10 it would be described in one word: Overalls.

I think there are cute designs out there and some girls who can definitely pull them off, but this girl will stay far from them! But what do you girls think about Jumpsuits and Overalls?