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FEATURED IN: The Perfect Palette
Photography By: Mary Claire
Set Stylist & Florist  Amber Reverie
Hair: Katy Dix
Makeup: Hailee Day
Jewelry: Katie Waltman
Models: Me | Jess Cheesman | Jessi Bingham | Arial Ray Hamilton

Hello Lovers!
First off, a HUGE thanks to The Perfect Palette for featuring this amazing shoot.
This was yet another fun shoot! I can't even begin to explain! Before this shoot, I had never met Jess Cheesman. She invited me to be a part of a gorgeous inspiration shoot brought to you by her Einstein imagination, and ever since, this girl has been on my friend's list!

This is what I LOVE about blogging! You meet new people all the time, and you start developing strong bonds with fellow people! And it goes without saying that you have the opportunity to work with such talented individuals! We had a BLAST at the shoot! From telling funny stories to eating our props, I'd do it all over again in a heart beat! Make sure to check out all the links for picture variation!