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Coda Forte Headphones: Courtesy of Zagg

Funnest video shoot ever!!!
If you couldn't tell before, we had the giggles that day and if you watch closely you can tell we are trying to contain our laugh through out the whole thing.... Until I broke!

These Coda Forte are the coolest things eva' !!!
Not only are they super comfy and have Bluetooth {aka wireless} but they also have a mic so you can take your calls! They are also sound proof! They seriously block out any noise! Mean while we were at the studio we would talk awkwardly loud so we can hear one another! Of course It could have been easier to take our headphones off to listen to instructions... but we wanted to live up to our "Model Stereo Type"!

They are also coming out with various Bluetooth devices that will blow your mind! I'm not sure I can say what they are but in the mean time add this to you wish list!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Holiday!!!!