Honeymoon Diaries

Honeymoon Diaries
Josie of the Avocado Pitt, Our favorite person in the whole Island!

Josie of the Avocado Pitt, Our favorite person in the whole Island!


Behold! Our Honeymoon Diaries!
Chris & I went to St.Croix, Virgin Islands for a whole week! We seriously lucked out! Everyday was perfect! Sunny weather during the day, rainy nights, yummy food, and fun activities. I seriously missed tropical weather like no other. I am meant to be in tropical weather! I just came back so happy and rejuvenated!

So everything about St. Croix is beautiful! Every structure and building is colorful and there is a lot about it that looks French (Go figure). Even the ruins in St.Croix are breath taking! There were roosters and chickens everywhere too! Haha! Also, EVERYONE on the Island is super nice and friendly!!!! EVERYONE! It compensated for their crazy driving!  Haha!  

Our hotel was on a small Island a couple of feet away from the main island. We had to take a ferry to get to and from and we absolutely loved it! The Hotel had a party on the beach about every other night! It was so fun! We got around everywhere by foot, ferry, or taxi! We had plans of renting our own car but we had no service or GPS in most of the Island so we would have gotten lost for sure. Not to mention that they drive on the left side of the road! It was so fun riding in taxis and walking around everywhere!!! Very cool experience!  My calves killed by the end of the week though!

Oh my goodness! The food was so amazing! I love Sea food so i was in the perfect place and I think I had Lobster every night! also the smallest Lobster served were like the size of my head! Everyday for Brunch we would go to The Avocado Pitt, a really cute local whole in the wall which you must go if you are ever in St.Croix. And they served the best breakfast! Plus the customer service was the best! We met a girl named Josie who was our host every day at The Avocado Pitt and she was by far our morning highlight! She was so fun and sweet! I wanted to take her home with me! PS: We broke our "No Soda Summer" streak while on our Honeymoon!

Okay, the shops were so cool! Very touristy but super cute!!! Everyday before going back to our hotel we would stop at this little convenience store that had the best snacks and drinks AND THEY HAD VENEZUELAN SNACKS & DRINKS! I was so happy about that! We found a Venezuelan Restaurant  in the area that was soon to be open! We also did a little bit of shopping on our last day there. One of the things that St. Croix is known for is beautiful jewelry and now I know why peeps stock up on them! I splurged on just one ring but it was so worth it. It was like taking a little piece of St.Croix with me and who knows when and if I will be back!



Basically we did water activities all day long! Our hotel had a pool and hot tub but why do either of those when you have the ocean infront?! We went on a tour to Buck Island. A beautiful island two hours from St.Croix! Buck Island has a National  Park under water where you can snorkel. (BTW I did not know there was national parks underwater till now!) It was my first time snorkling and It was so fun and so liberating to swim in open ocean and look at beautiful fishes and coral! We even found real life treasure!!!!! Chris found a Greek coin in the ocean with a modern chain on it. We also found Chaney (Dutch pottery from as early as 1700s)!! The next day we went to a jeweler and had it examined! Maybe I shouldn't be writing about this.... Cause pirates ;) hahah anyways, we loved the tour so much we booked it a second time! 

We also got lobster burnt. Hence why we are not in too many of the pictures. On the way back from the first Buck Island Tour, the captain let us chill in the front of the sail boat where you are just laying on top of net and it was so relaxing we fell asleep !!!! We had blisters all over the next day! And worst part of all is I am allergic to aloe Vera so I just had to make due with normal lotion !!! First world problems.  

We  spent the rest of our time at different beaches snorkling. We also went venturing in a beautiful ruin around St.Croix where we found more Chanay!!! 

On our last night, we went to a restaurant called Savant! It was AMAZING! The food was just so delicious and the restaurant was so romantic. It is basically a cove, lit up with candles, and white twinkly lights!!! It was a great experience! 



I know I keep using the same words but it really was amazing. Every part of our trip was perfect. My heart broke into pieces at the airport when we were leaving St.Croix. I was actively trying to not cry. I can't believe how attached I got to this beautiful little island in one week. I kept telling Chris we should miss our flights!!! Also, I'm pretty sure we were that annoying couple cause everywhere we went, people asked us "Are you guys on your honeymoon?"

"Are you guys newlyweds?"

......." Yup!"