He Put A Ring On It!


It is Offically-Official! This guy asked me to marry him!
So as some of you know, this was all in the making for a couple of months now. We had the talk, spoke with our families, and started planning! And I mean really planning! Here are the details...

When & where did he propose?

This past Friday, June 26th! He proposed at the park across the Mount. Timpanogos Temple!

How did he do it?

Chris prepared a picnic; he made sandwiches, brought our favorite chips & dip recipe, and ice cream!

We were relaxing on the blanket, we had just finished eating, and out he brought the ice cream. A long time ago, after a bad relationship, Chris made a list of criteria about his ideal girl. Fast Forward to now, as we were eating the ice cream, he was reading me the list! Just as he was done reading it, my spoon touched a plastic baggy at the bottom of the ice cream container! I was super confused so I quickly started scraping the ice cream off to see what it was. As soon as I realized there was a ring box inside the sandwich bag, I started laughing out loud! So out he took the box from the bag, he opened the box and faced it towards me! Just before I could see the ring, I snapped it close and just waited for him to ask me cause I wanted to hear the words before I saw the ring! And he said....

"Will you marry me?"
I said.... "YES!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Did you know it was coming?

No, I really didn't! He had kind of been faking me out the whole week leading up to Friday! Specially the day before! I had gotten a text from him after work that said "Meet me at the following address in 30" .... but it was to give him a ride because his car had broken down!... I mean..... How could I not think that he was going to propose, right?! But after it didn't happen, I had to tell myself to just forget about it before I got frustrated. And then I convinced myself that he must have been waiting for my dad to fly into town to do it! So anyways, when he actually did it, I was caught off guard and was surprised!

What color is your ring? Where did he get it?

My ring is Rose Gold with a Diamond Halo and a Champagne Sapphire. Chris went to Shane Co. and had it custom made. He is the best! This is the exact ring I wanted. All I did was send him a picture from Pinterest and he got it right!

How did you guys meet?

You can read all about how we met HERE!

We have been super thankful for everyones love, support, and warm wishes. Seriously! We are beside ourselves! I am eternally grateful to Heavenly Father for putting us back in each others life and at the moment that he did too! God's time is seriously perfect and things needed to happen the way they did for a reason. Chris is an incredible man who makes me better each day and I cant wait to be his wife, start a family one day, and grow old together!

Love you all!