FashionKatherine Romrell


FashionKatherine Romrell

DRESS: C/O Kingdom & State | Brows & Lashes: C/O: Sirene Lash | Hair: C/O: Canyon Salon
| Wall: C/O Cents of Style


Hi everyone!
We thought we'd update you on our new adventures in Georgia!
But First! Shoutout to Kingdom & State for having such a fabulous black dress

So, we've been in Georgia for a little over a month now!
While growing up in Florida, I had the pleasure of visiting GA a couple of times and loved it! Being back this time around was a great reminder of how BEAUTIFUL this State is and how genuinely warm & sweet people are down here! It makes all the books and characters I've read about that were based on the South THAT much better! 

Anyways, So the first two weeks were great. We've been living in the Wyndham hotel since our arrival which definitely has pros and cons. PROS: Daily housekeeping, heated indoor pool, outdoor pool, hot tubs, gym, amazing room service. CONS: Laundry facility, no kitchen, studio room with a baby, no nesting = cabin fever! Everyone keeps asking when we're moving out of the hotel and what the next plan is but we just don't know. Because Chris is a certain A-lister's main stunt guy, it really depends on what the actor's next move is. Do we follow this actor to his next film? Does Chris get an extension in his contract with the current film? Do we move to LA? We just don't know and I cant tell you how much it kills me! This girl is a planner!!! Living the "Gypsy life" as i've been calling it has been a whole new experience for me! The hubs is all about it though.

I was able to fly out to Utah last weekend for my Utah Chic Bloggers event I put together. Can I just tell you what a blast that was?! It turned out amazing!!!!  (More on that soon!)
Anyways, before flying back to Utah for that weekend, I could feel a little bit of cabin fever starting to creep. But when I visited Utah, it simmered down. But then, this past Friday..... I LOST IT! LOSSSSTTTT IT! CABIN FEVER x's 100! I was one elevator button away from going down to the hotel bar and becoming an alcoholic (my latest running joke)!  It took my sweet hubby and my SIL to calm me down! Bless them! haha! Then hubs said to me: "Some of the stunt people are going to a bday party tomorrow. We technically don't know the hosts or the bday boy but everyone else said to come!" ...normally I would be like:
"NOOOO" #notapartycrasher
but I was so desperate to leave the hotel and mingle with adults that I was like "OH MY GOSH PLEASE TAKE ME!!!"
Well, let me tell you something: It PAYS to get out of your comfort zone!!!

If you know me, you know that I am an introvert with a dash of outgoingness. Which at times makes for embarrassing moments. But peeps.... we made soooo many friends that day! I honestly felt like a flirt and exchanged numbers with so many housewives, got invited to a Stuntwife community group on facebook, and then we got invited to a SuperBowl party the next day! Not to mention that the Hosts were SUPER WELCOMING AND SUCH A BLAST! We have seriously won the lottery with the people we've met and the friends we've made so far! We feel like we've been adopted by a bunch of families! #HashtagBlessings