Photo Credit: Ryan Houston
All outfits: Gap at University Mall

Hey Loves!
The Gap Spring Fashion Show at University mall came and it was a blast!
I've never had so much fun doing runway because it was with fellow bloggers!

Tara, the cutest most sweetest Hair & Mua & Stylist you will ever meet was the freaking boss helping girls with their finishing touches behind stage! 

I have the bestest friends who came and cheered for me when I walked down the runway!
Not to mention their cute little girl who said "My turn" after the show, and I was more than happy to walk her down the runway!!!

My sweet husband who is my #1 supporter, was so concentrated on clapping that he forgot to turn the camera on!

My awesome baby sister who at 8+ months pregnant hauled her booty to my place to lend me a dress all because I didn't know what to wear for the 5 minutes we were behind stage! Haha!

And my freaking awesome neighbors who came to cheer me on, as well as friend and photographer Ryan who was kind enough to take pictures of the event!

Gap was kind enough to let us pick our runway outfits and they invited us to style their mannequins! I was pretty excited about all of it! Must repeat!