Ok boys & girls,
I am so freaking excited and honored to say that I was featured on 2 blogs!
Not just me, but the floral shoot I modeled in along with everyone who made it happen. 

My sister-in-law was the first one to see it and she send me the cutest text!
She is all about the good blogs!  Kim you should start a blog that features THE blogs!

Blog #1: The Glitter Guide
They are on it! If you are looking for a daily dose of anything fashion & beauty, they've got you covered!
Featured post: 5 Ways to Style Flower Crown

Blog #2: Chic Vintage Brides
CVB makes me want to marry my husband over again on every season so that I can be styled in all the bridal treasures that are in! And for my many girlfriends who are engaged, this is a blog to follow to help you dream up your perfect wedding!
Featured post: Fabulous Bridal Accessories - Flower Crowns 

Amber Weimer (4).jpg

Photographer: Amber Weimer
Florist: Janae Fraser
MUA: Stephanie Brinkerhoff
Amber Weimer is the artist behind my cover picture!

On a separate note, I apologize for being a slacker on my promises of giveaways and tutorials. I usually stick to my word but I have not been able to post as much as i'd like to between my bookings and my girlfriend's weddings! Summer is definitely wedding season! And FLORAL CROWNSSSSSSSSSS! :)

"I will do better. I will do better. I will do better. I will do better....................."