I'm sure you've noticed my blog has been collecting dust lately! Let's talk about that! ....Now bare with me because you are about to get an insight into my train of thoughts, and even I sometimes have a hard-time understanding myself!
Here we go. 

To be honest, I have been feeling burned out! It could be the pregnancy, or it could be that I've been doing this for what feels like a long time for me. It doesn't help either that I am the kind of person who is always looking for change or something new. I think that's why I am big on New Year's resolutions. 

My friends have told me that what I am experiencing and feeling is "Artist's block"! Maybe you know what it feels like too! I've been doing this for so long that for a while now it's felt like going through the motions. Not a lot of passion in that! So I did what anyone in this case does; I decided to take a break! What I didn't expect was for me to enjoy my break so much and now I am having an even harder time picking up my jam again.  

Don't get me wrong! I love blogging, and I love fashion! But I've been in the fashion industry since I was 13! My parents put me in a modeling academy when I was 13 where I was professionally trained. From there they helped me build a career out of it. After high school, I did modeling full time and built a pretty impressive portfolio for my shy height of 5'4''. I became a modeling coach at 22, and then eventually my portfolio website turned into a fashion blog. At one point, apparently my fashion blog wasn't enough and I had the crazy idea to create a magazine. When that magazine grew, I sold it!  Through the years, I have also worked with talent agencies not only as a talent but as a rep, and have been the right-hand girl for several starter fashion boutiques. 

Burned out.

So......... here I am now, 27, and looking for my next project. Something new! I started searching for the next thing that would spark passion in me again and the stars aligned!.....

At 4 months pregnant, Chris and I had been contacted by Blank Network Channel (Not sure if I am allowed to say) and we were asked to audition for a reality TV show in the making for First-Time-Moms! Our interview went AMAZING! We even had a 2nd interview, and it was recorded and sent to the producers for a final decision. And........................ we didn't get it! At least I don't think we did...... (We haven't heard back). So unless production is running late, we are going to keep our hopes on the safe side. They also wanted to start filming while the mom's were in the first trimester, but I was already in the beginning of my 2nd trimester by the time we did the 2nd interview. So......

Anyways, it's not all bad because it nourished an idea that I had already been toying with......

.....What if I start a YouTube Channel?

Yes! .....Me! ....Crazy and shy Kat.... A Youtube Channel!
I rambled my husband's ear off about my crazy idea, and it only took him a week to surprise me with some amazing filming equipment! Talk about supportive! I think my pregnant self thanked him with tears! I also have to give him credit for the idea because he has actually been telling me to get on Youtube since forever ago. 

So if all goes as planned, you can expect more videos! We'll see!