Beluga Baby Wrap

Beluga Baby Wrap

Oh hi!
Check out my newest baby swag! 

I am so in love with my Beluga Baby Wrap! I have worn my new baby wrap to walk around the neighborhood with baby and hubby, walking around Salt Lake, and during shopping. I love that I can wear it with anything too and keep your style true. And you already know that baby boy LOVES the wrap. Every time I have worn it, he passes out and goes to sleep heaven! He loves cuddling on my chest because it keeps him up-right and helps against his acid reflux! 

I used to be scared of these wraps cause I always thought "There is no way comfy fabric can hold up a baby, or there is no way it's safe" But it does the job perfectly and it completely feels safe! 


Can you nurse with it?
I haven't tried nursing with it, but I am sure that if you are wearing the right thing, it could be possible.

Can you be hands free & safe with it?
I have no idea! My instinct is to hold his head. I did wear it while shopping and I am sure I took a few liberties here and there.

Does it hurt your back after a while?
No. I've worn it for hours and hours at a time and it has never hurt my back (I have scoliosis and my back got worse during pregnancy) but I think that if you wear it tight and right, it should feel comfortable for both of you!

I definitely recommend getting one and in every color!