Dress: Courtesy of Choies
Ear Jewel: Courtesy of Choies
Heels: Similar

I'm 25 today!!!
It hasn't sunk in yet! 25........... 2-5............... Quarter of a century........

When I was younger I always thought that I would have life figured out by the time I was 25! Haha............. hahahahhaha! And now I've come to realize that in decade of 20's it's exactly when you start putting your ducks in a row! I don't think I've ever been more excited about an age, I can't wait to see what life has stored for this next year! However, for tonight, I will be celebrating with the back of my eyelids. Though I am on my last week of training,  this crazy schedule drains me! Terr and I will actually be celebrating on Saturday!

Anyways, I didn't think my love for online shopping could grow more... but apparently it can. As a blogger, I only like to talk about things that I positively like and I know that because of it, my expressions can sound redundant, but believe me when I say I am so glad I know about Choies! After they contacted me, I spend days trying to pick out what I wanted because it felt like everything was my favorite item haha!  I specially love love love that its not the same kind of items you find on every boutique. Instead their fashion items are runway inspired and they've got styles for everyone! I am loving them and my new dress!