Just Married


Hey guys!

So I am officially a Romrell and life could not be better!!!

Everything about our day was so perfect and I can't  wait to share details of our beautiful wedding. 

We are on an air plain right now on our way to our Honeymoon! We are heading to St.Croix (In the Virgin Islands) !!!  

You can follow along our adventure on our Instagram and Snapchat! Love you all! 


Kat: @poshbykat

Chris: @chris_romrell


Kat: thekathoffmann 

Chris: cromrell

Our Wedding Plans

Hi !
As I am sure you already know, I am soon to be getting married! And when I mean soon.... I mean soon!!! 

Chris and I decided long before we were officially engaged, that we wanted to Elope. Our parents were very supportive about it and we couldn't be more thankful! The day after, we started planning, we both decided we wanted to have our parents there! Then we said "Okay, immediate family ONLY! And immediate family only is to know the date and place!" We couldn't have been happier with our decision! (And we welcome pre-wedders to do the same!)

I was once married before. My first wedding was the furthest from what I wanted! So as soon as Chris and I started talking marriage, I knew I would want to do this 100% differently! Even though I wanted something small & simple, that did not mean It was not going to be beautiful and special. I mean if you know me, you know my smallest efforts are still measurable. However, I did not want to worry about the details that do not matter (yet details that cost unnecessary amounts of money). I want our day to feel intimate and to feel like it is about just us and our love. 





  • Personally inform your family. Let them know of your plan long in advanced. Call them, email them, take them out to lunch, etc. 
  • Make a wedding announcement and send to everyone. 
  • Celebrate before (or after) your special day. This is NOT to be mixed up with a reception. You can still make it look beautiful and make it feel special, but there is no need to sum up the cost to the equivalent of a Reception. We called it our 'Elopement Party' so that people could understand that this was the one and only celebration related to our union and that way if they wanted to catch us and share the love with us, this was the only opportunity. You can also just have an Engagement Party at a timeline closer to your special day (Kill two birds with one stone)!


*Link is no longer clickable

*Link is no longer clickable



  • Make a Rough Draft wedding plan! Make a list of the things you want and include the cost! Once you see the cost, decide what really matters and what you can live without AKA won't care to include in your wedding album.
  • Decide on a few key things that you will allow yourself to splurge on! For me, it was my dress and the photographer. Everything else, I shopped and shopped around until I found killer prices and all else did not make it to the list!
  • After you have created your Rough Draft Wedding Plan: Make a Budget and stick to it!

And there you have it! I will report back after my wedding and honeymoon and tell you if my plan worked! In the meantime, you are free to check out my Wedding Inspiration Pinterest Board!


Butter | London Review

Lashes: C/O Sirene Lash | Lips: C/O Butter London


SOOOOOOoooooo ....
Butter London is the best thing to grace my lips, Besides Chris' ;)
Ever since they sent me their whole Bloody Brilliant Lip Crayon Line I have been obsessed!

Butter London's Lip Crayon are so fantastic for 4 reasons! 1- It is literally a crayon for your lips so you can use it as a lip liner and as a lipstick! 2- They are so good to your lips because the ingredients in the lipstick actually moisturize your lips. 3- It has a glossy finish. and 4-IT COMES WITH A SHARPENER! They all do! Within the pencil itself!

Anyways! I wont keep spilling so you can hear from my Review Video! 
Love you all!

Engagements By Amanda Hendrickson



Chris and I were able to get our engagements done by the AMAZING Amanda Hendrickson! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was that she did our pictures. I had been wanting to shoot with her for YEARS and the stars aligned! You know when you have an Idea and you hope that it to comes out exactly as you envisioned? Well, Amanda's creativity delivers all the way!

Everything pretty much aligned for this shoot. Asos sent me this dress a long time ago and I had been saving it for a special occasion. Butter London sent me make up the week before this shoot. And Chris & I had won a HUGE Target giveaway which was such a blessing because besides getting things for this shoot, we were able to get stuff for our honeymoon and some home decor!
We have truly been blessed every step of the way and we are beyond thankful!

As some of you know, Chris & I are planning to elope :) 
The time & place is a secret but we have decided to throw a party celebrating our soon to come marriage before hand! We are SO EXCITED!

Love you all!