Engagements By Amanda Hendrickson



Chris and I were able to get our engagements done by the AMAZING Amanda Hendrickson! I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I was that she did our pictures. I had been wanting to shoot with her for YEARS and the stars aligned! You know when you have an Idea and you hope that it to comes out exactly as you envisioned? Well, Amanda's creativity delivers all the way!

Everything pretty much aligned for this shoot. Asos sent me this dress a long time ago and I had been saving it for a special occasion. Butter London sent me make up the week before this shoot. And Chris & I had won a HUGE Target giveaway which was such a blessing because besides getting things for this shoot, we were able to get stuff for our honeymoon and some home decor!
We have truly been blessed every step of the way and we are beyond thankful!

As some of you know, Chris & I are planning to elope :) 
The time & place is a secret but we have decided to throw a party celebrating our soon to come marriage before hand! We are SO EXCITED!

Love you all!

Cover Girl


So....! COVER GIRL !!!!!!!
Cover Girl contacted ME through a Public Relations Agency and I died! This was my reaction: SCREAM... HEAVY BREATHING... SQUEEL... NUMB... DOUBTFUL... CONFUSED... HAPPY... and HOPEFUL!  Like I said before, at First I was not sure this email was real. I had been contacted by Ivanka Trump Jewelry and then never heard back. So you can imagine my disbelief. Cover Girl offered to send me products to review that had not launched yet (but are now out for sale)! So when my box really arrived, I had another set of roller coaster feelings (all good ones though)!

As some of you know I am sponsored by the amazing Sirene Lash and rarely have the need for Mascara. However! Because I take forever to book my re-fills, I did have a good week or two in between fills to try out the Super Sizer magic-little-bottle and I wish I would have documented it because it is worth the hype.

The Intensify Me Liquid Liner is by far my favorite! Pencil Liquid Liner is the only way for me. I cant draw a straight or winged line to save my life otherwise. This liquid liner is not only a vibrant black color and user friendly but it also stays on very well. I wore the eyeliner while running errands all day and it did not roll or smudge!

I made a video review on the products for you to check out and I included a tutorial on how I do cat look/winged eyeliner!!! PS: Don't mind my newly adolescent skin. My new birth control lives up to its stereo type (Cravings, Mood Swings, Breakouts, and MORE baby hair)! PSS: If you try the new products, I would love to hear your opinion or see your style! So find me on IG and tag me at @poshbykat or hashtag me at #poshbykat. 

Love you!

Bree Lena In The Streets

Photography: Chris Romrell
Jewelry: C/O Rocksbox | Tee: C/O BreeLena | Jeans: H&M | Heels: Target | Sunnies: Similar


Just in case you didn't know, Bree Lena Designs are not only on the runway, they are on the streets ;) Haha! Last Provo Fashion Week, Bree gave the models a Bree Lena Original shirt and it is so freaking cute! I wear mines a ton and I love being asked about it. I love how casual yet cutesy it is so you can style it in lots of fun ways!

I am also wearing my first Rocksbox set! I am completely obsessed! This piece was chosen by a Rocksbox stylist and I just feel like I need to send her flowers or something. She definitely has a good eye. I will tell you all about Rocksbox soon but for now you should know that you can get ONE MONTH OF FREE ROCKSBOX!!! This is not a giveaway! This is a Promocode and all can use to redeem! 

All you have to do is use PROMO CODE: poshbykatxoxo

Love you guys!