Orchid Tea Party By Rachel Laukat

GOWNS: BREE LENA | MUA: MARISA ROSE | HAIR: JESSI MCARTHUR | CAKE: BAKING WITH BLONDIE | MODELS: Kallie Webster, Madison Savoi, Kristen Davis, Melanie Grieder, Me


Once Upon a Time, girls used to have Tea Parties!
Why can't we go back to those times! I love Tea & I love Cake! And I love Dressing Up!
We should bring this tradition back to society! BUT instead of gossiping... we can "discuss books, ideas, and movies" (-Miss Congeniality) !

What do I pin-point first?! This whole shoot was perfection and so much fun! Us models were all legit friends from before so that is always a plus! Bree's exquisite gown line is always a dream and I can swear to all that is Holly; one of my favorite things to do is to wear her gowns!

Next, can we talk about the hair & makeup!?? I mean, I was IN LOVE with Jessi's skills! I loved everyone's hair and I wanted mines to last FOREVER! She ratted and bumped the crown of my hair and then made 3 gorgeous buns down! It's like a modernized french up-do but with buns & fauxhalks! I might try to do-it myself & document it. And I finally got my makeup done by the lovely Marisa! There is a reason why this girl is always booked!

I loved every minute of this shoot! I hope you enjoyed too!


Sweater: C/O PB&J Boutique | Jeans: H&M | Jewelry: Eleventh Avenue


You guys! Isn't this sweater kind-of perfection?! I am obsessed with it! I wore it more than I should in one week (oops!). Please tell me I am not the only one that does that with a new item?!
PB&J Boutique always gets the cutest clothes in and like I've said before; my absolute favorite thing about them is that you will find it hard to see the same items elsewhere. So you can rest assured knowing that when you shop with them, you are being the trendsetter not the hipster.

This gorgeous sweater is actually super comfy and light! It is also so fun to layer it on top with a short or long sleeve or your latest leather jacket on top! This whole look kinda reminds me of Hunger Games: Catching Fire! It looks sophisticated yet effortless! LOVE it! And of course, I had to add a happy color under cause... I guess it's Spring! #getwiththeprogramutah

If I were you i'd head over to their shop Nowish! Their stuff is always in demand!!!
Here are my latest favs.....


Shirt Dress: H&M | Heels: Target | Jewelry: Eleventh Avenue



Sometimes you buy a Shirt-Dress and you think it is going to look like something out of Pinterest but really it somehow turned into a Top Gun outfit.... yup, this happened! Haha!

Now that summer is arriving I am loading up on shirt dresses and they are my new favorite thing! I also love how versatile these cute Shirt-Dresses are! I can lose the waist belt and wear it like a dress coat, I also scrunched up the bottom and threw some leggings under it while waiting for the Utah-Bipolar-weather to make up its mind! It's always the same story over here with this crazy weather... just as we think it's finally starting to feel like Spring, the weather man says it is going to snow! Haha!

Anyways, Lately I've been re-doing my wardrobe and gong for different looks and styles. I feel like lately I am trying to re-define my style and I love it. It was about time my wardrobe saw some change! What are some styles you've been wanting to try?!




I hope everyone had a lovely Easter Holiday!

I thoroughly enjoyed mine! My sisters-In-Law and her fam were in town and I got to spend time with them. They got to meet Chris and we did lots of shopping! We threw a cake bash for my Niece for her 1st birthday and turned it into a photoshoot (The cutest thing you ever did see). Lastly, for Easter Sunday I was with Chris and his family! We watched LDS conference, had dinner, and played games! I love nothing more then spending time with my family and Chris' family for a beautiful weekend!

Now, Alex & Ani! For my birthday, My Brother & his wife sent me a lovely Gold Bang Initial from Alex & Ani! I knew they were cute but I never understood the obsession until I owned my very own! Now I am building my collection!!! They are so beautiful! I love that you can stack them and there are different kinds of collections. They have matching necklaces and rings per collections and they also have handbags for women and things for men!

You guys need to check them out if you haven't already  and get yourself one!





Happy Spring!!!
I've been MIA since my birthday, so I will start there!

I turned 26! I had a minor pitty party the night before because every since I turned 25, I feel like time is flying and there is not enough of it. Maybe that is why I found a couple of white hairs :(

All I wanted this year for my bday was to shop! So I did! I splurged irresponsibly and I do not feel bad! Hehe! I kind of wanted to fly under the radar this year but coming from a Latin family... that is quite impossible so I had two birthday dinners. First with family and then with friends. Chris was filming a movie with Steven Seagall so he was off during the day and then on set during the night! Our schedules were opposite but somehow he still found a way to be the sweetest guy. He took me to work and we had lunch together and then I go to visit him on set a couple of times which was pretty fun! Sometimes filming hours went way into the early morning so I would just run off to his trailer and sleep until he was done. 

All in all, it was a good birthday and I am so glad I spent it with my favorite people. I definitely felt the love, so thank you all! Above you can find some of the things I have put in my shopping cart and some that have already arrived!

Happy Shopping!