HAIR & MUA: Julie Holbrook of @HeadRushDesignsByJulieAnn
DRESS: SheIn via Amazon *Dress is Non-Maternity*


So.... 38 Weeks now!
Don't be fooled though, I was 32 weeks when we did this shoot.

This might be my last post during this pregnancy, as I am getting my membranes stripped this upcoming Wednesday. So what better way to go out with a bang than with this amazing maternity shoot done by Courtney G Photo! I am eternally grateful to her talent and for putting this whole shoot together, including the team that made me look super glam ;)

This post was a hard one to write. Like, I have a knot in my throat as I'm writing this and trying to put together my thoughts and feelings on this new journey we are about to embark on.  I've never been more terrified and excited. I've never been more emotional and humbled.

How did this happen to me? (I mean, we all know how) but "How?" ! In my first marriage, I struggled with infertility for years because of endometriosis. 

And one day my life changed. I am re-married and to my high school sweetheart/ love of my life, we are newlyweds, and not long after that, we are pregnant! 

Timing is a funny thing but it's also everything!

I had "prepared" my self for years as best as I knew and could and now I feel like I am so far from being prepared. I have this constant battle within me of "I'm gonna be the best mom and I won't accept anything less from myself" to "Nope, I'm gonna be an Okay mom, and that's reality".

I have a constant fear of the unknown, and what my life is going to be like after baby arrives, but then again I have never been so anxious for this moment.

I want us to be the most loving parents, best teachers, his guidance, his biggest influence, best role models, super heroes, his confidants, his rock, and the type of person he looks up to. I want to be the best version of myself for my son.

I am incredibly thankful for my parents and their example, as well as my friends and family and their example. I am so glad that my son will come into the world surrounded by those amazing people who have not only cared for us but influenced us for better.  Most importantly, I am blessed to have his dad as my forever companion.

We want to say thank you to everyone who has been so loving and supporting through these exciting times. Seriously, your love and friendship has been a blessing.

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Love you all!


I N S T A G R A M:

35 Weeks Pregnant

SHORTS: MotherHood
SANDALS: C/O Fraus Shoes
CHOKER (Headband): Target 


Yes..... I am still pregnant! Haha! 
And for as much as I want to meet our little boy, I am trying to beat a family trend here! Women in my family don't make it to 40 weeks. Babies are either premie or full-term early! So part of me can't believe I've made it this far and part of me cant imagine going much further! So... we'll see!

At 35 weeks pregnant my Lilac tunic top from PB&J has been my new go to!
You guys, not a lot of things fit at this point besides dresses and leggings, and this girl is longing for variety.

I'll be honest, through out my pregnancy, I have only gotten a handful of actual maternity outfits. I fear I wont wear them after pregnancy (Cause, lets be honest!) so I just mostly shop at my default places and get things that fit now, and that I know I will wear again after.  More bang for my buck!

I have a fun video diary coming up soon, updating you on the latest of my pregnancy and answering all your questions, so come back soon!

Oh, and yes, the choker is actually a headband I used as a chocker! Ta-da! #versatile


Sirene MakeUp Look Tutorial


MakeUp By: Rachel Copeland 
Sirene Lash shoot: here
Photographer of Shoot: Bethany Peterson
My YouTube: @PoshByKat





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