I am so excited to show off my new blog theme! It's super pink! I don't even think I love pink that much but I wanted pink for a change!

I'm not sure if you guys remember my last-last post: CHA-CHA-CHANGES and about making changes on my blog and taking it a whole new direction.... Well,  I thought a new blog theme was in order for that change.

I freaking love the team that helped me with this! I am so glad I was able to book Nina Tekwani for this shoot. We had been talking about shooting together but life gets busy! Nina is super fun to shoot with and she captured everything I wanted!

One of the changes I talked about was leaning more towards makeup and beauty, and even though I will be playing with makeup myself, I definitely wanted Rachel Copeland's magic touch for this shoot!

And yes, That is a Bliss Tulle Skirt I am playing with in one of my shots. Christine of Bliss Tulle was kind enough to Collaborate a one of kind skirt for my last blog renovation! I really wish I could have worn it again but it was just not going to happen at 25+ Weeks pregnant! But I couldn't just put it away! 

As for my Utah gals, the beautiful studio where my photoshoot took place was at Sirene's Beauty Place! She rents out her space for photo shoot and events! AND she is now offering Mircobladding services and will soon have hair extension for retail at her place! [Insert hallelujah emoji here]

Come back soon, I am gonna start sending all kinds of fun beauty reviews and makeup videos your way!

Have we met before?

Hi! I am Kat, I am 27 years old, and I am professional model and actress turned fashion & now beauty blogger.

I was born in Venezuela, raised in Miami, and am currently residing in Utah. I am married to my High School Sweetheart Chris Romrell. It  only took us 7 years to reunite #thenotebookstyle and he is a professional stuntman.

We have been married for 8 months #newlyweds and pregnant for 7 months #dueJune26! We are expecting a little boy, whom we love so much already and is our little miracle #SevereEndomitriosis.

I am incredibly thankful for my followers, supporters, and social media friends! Specially, the ones who share their input and let me vent about funny and scary moments! If you are new to my corner, WELCOME! And I hope you like what you see!

Safari Baby Shower

Picture & Recipe Via A BEAUTIFUL MESS

Picture & Recipe Via A BEAUTIFUL MESS

DRESS C/O: Pink Blush Maternity
HAIR: Suggestions Salon
CATERING: Savour Food Truck
COOKIES C/O: Summer Time Sweets
INVITATIONS: Lucky Plum Studio
BATH BOMBS: Picture & Recipe via A Beautiful Mess
VENUE: Sirene's Beauty Place


You guys, I lucked out with this party because it was a dream come true!

Having struggled with endometriosis and infertility for years, (And throwing countless baby showers for good karma) I had dreamed of this day for a very very long time! This was one party I was not going to leave up to anyone else. That, and I kind of throw my own parties and delegate duties cause parties are my skills. With the help of hubby and family, they made this day possible!


The only thing that stresses me to no-end while planning a party is food. Knowing right of the bat that I was going to make this a big event, I decided to get some pro's involved! VERY MUCH WORTH IT! I decided to have fellow friend; Savour Food Truck cater. Savour usually makes the most delicious sliders and recently started  introducing Venezuelan food in their menu (Whoot-whoot!) However, for this event they made the BEST sweet crepes you have ever tasted in life. I kept waiting for guests to arrive to escort them to the food table so I could keep getting 2nds and not look like a fatty! NBD! 

My awesome Instagram friend Summer of Summer Time Sweets, made THE CUTEST & MOST DELICIOUS chocolate covered Oreos! She asked me what I wanted them to look like and I had no idea how to explain what I had in mind, so I just sent her what the baby shower invites looked like and she nailed it! Dream come to life! That's talent, my friend!

This was probably my 2nd investment. I ordered all decor stuff from Amazon using keywords like "Jungle, Tropical, Safari, Animals, etc." Because we are having a boy and the venue walls were pink, I wanted to make sure the decoration really stood out. Plus, Sirene's Beauty Place is so cute, that I couldn't pass up such a cute space for such a good price. Plus-Plus, the lighting is perfect and the space is big! There was no loosing here.

You guys. I HATE baby shower games. I will gladly play along and play them at anyone's shower but since I was calling the shots on this one, I was like.... NO WAY! Instead, I opted for a mingle environment. I mean, what group of girls does not want to mingle at a party!? Plus I find that adults don't really need to be hosted and distracted like kids. We are pro's at conversations by now. This was also a good time to catch up with so many girls I had not seen in a while. So what I did for entertainment was a DIY Bath Bomb Station and a Selfie Photo Booth that @PeacePhoto made even better with her photography services! Bath Bombs rocked the house and the place smelled amazing when the girls got down to work! 

I found this Bath Bomb recipe on Pinterest Via A Beautiful Mess.
I converted the measurements from OZ to CUPS so that I could provide measuring cups and spoons and make it easier at the party.


  • Baking Soda............... Half Cup or 4oz
  • Corn Starch................ 1/4 Cup or 2oz
  • Epsom Salt................. 1/4 Cup or 2oz
  • Citric Acid................... 1/4 Cup or 2oz
  • Water............................ 1'1/2 Tspoon
  • Essential Oils.............. 1 Tspoon
  • Coconut Oil................. 1'1/4 Tspoon
  • Food Coloring............ 2-4 Drops
  • Bath Bomb Molds


  • In a bowl combine the DRY ingredients first.
  • Remove any clumps as Corn Starch can get clumpy
  • In a separate bowl, stir together the LIQUID Ingredients
  • Slowly pour the liquid mixture in with the dry mixture, whisking as you go.
  • Scoop your mix with Bath Bomb Mold, one side at a time, until it's overflowing a little.
  • Press together both molds.
  • You're done!


  • Fizziness happens!
  • Bath Bomb should stick together fairly well. If it's still too powdery to hold together, just add a tiny bit more water and mix till it does hold together. 
  • Keep in mold till bath time, or allow to dry in mold for 15 minutes and then 8 hours outside of mold to keep its shape. 
  • Essential Oils I used: Peppermint, Lavender, Lemon, Wild Orange
  • Menthol baths are not recommended during pregnancy.  
  • This recipe makes 3-4 Bath Bombs (Of 60mm Bath Bomb Molds)

Girlfriends, skip the registry! I am sure by now you have realized that neither you or anyone else looks at a registry. Only grandmas and old school peeps look at registries! This is both a blessing and a curse! And I don't know about you but registries overwhelm me specially because I want to make sure I get gifted the things I *Need* before anything else. So I opted for GiftCards! We got super lucky and our friends spoiled us with both gifts and giftcards and I was able to get the things that we needed to! Make a registry for your own check-list and that's it!

It was the week before and I had everything ready before I had my outfit picked out! Major Stress mode! Luckily, all my pregnant girlfriends had been RAVING and talking my ear off about Pink Blush Maternity! I contacted them and they let me pick out the cutest Maternity Dress eva! This Maternity Boutique has the cutest style! I had seriously been bobbing and weaving out of buying any legit Maternity Clothes unless it was from Target and even then I waited a while to give in! After finally checking out Pink Blush Maternity, Hubs gave me an awesome shopping spree allowance to go crazy on! Pregnant ladies.... CHECK THEM OUT!

To everyone! EVERYONE! And Everyone who came and was involved in my baby shower, specially our families! We are also thankful for your on going love and support, your sweet comments and messages and your advice through this sometimes-scary pregnancy! Chris and I feel so blessed and lucky to have so much love pour onto us and to our little boy! We love you all!



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Giveaway starts 4/18 and ends 4/20. Winner will be announced 4/22. Winner must not have won a PinkBlush giveaway within the last 3 months prior to today. All entries are verified. Once winner is announced, winner will have 24-48 hours to respond or different winner will be chosen. Gift Card will be EMAILED to winner within 24 hours. Winer must be located in the US. This giveaway is in no way endorsed or sponsored by Instagram. 


I'm sure you've noticed my blog has been collecting dust lately! Let's talk about that! ....Now bare with me because you are about to get an insight into my train of thoughts, and even I sometimes have a hard-time understanding myself!
Here we go. 

To be honest, I have been feeling burned out! It could be the pregnancy, or it could be that I've been doing this for what feels like a long time for me. It doesn't help either that I am the kind of person who is always looking for change or something new. I think that's why I am big on New Year's resolutions. 

My friends have told me that what I am experiencing and feeling is "Artist's block"! Maybe you've gone through it too? I've been doing this for so long that for a while now it's felt like going through the motions. Not a lot of passion in that! So I did what anyone in this case does; I decided to take a break! What I didn't expect was for me to enjoy my break so much and now I am having an even harder time picking up my jam again.  

Don't get me wrong! I love blogging, and I love fashion! But I've been in the fashion industry since I was 13! My parents put me in a modeling academy when I was 13 where I was professionally trained. From there they helped me build a career out of it. After high school, I did modeling full time and built a pretty impressive portfolio for my shy height of 5'4''. I became a modeling coach at 22, and then eventually my portfolio website turned into a fashion blog. At one point, apparently my fashion blog wasn't enough and I had the crazy idea to create a magazine. When that magazine grew, I sold it!  Through the years, I have also worked with talent agencies not only as a talent but as a rep, and have been the right-hand girl for several starter fashion boutiques. 

Burned out.

So......... here I am now, 27, and looking for my next project. Something new! I started searching for the next thing that would spark passion in me again and the stars aligned!.....

At 4 months pregnant, Chris and I had been contacted by Blank Network Channel (Not sure if I am allowed to say) and we were asked to audition for a reality TV show in the making for First-Time-Moms! Our interview went AMAZING! We even had a 2nd interview, and it was recorded and sent to the producers for a final decision. And........................ we didn't get it! At least I don't think we did...... (We haven't heard back). So unless production is running late, we are going to keep our hopes on the safe side. They also wanted to start filming while the mom's were in the first trimester, but I was already in the beginning of my 2nd trimester by the time we did the 2nd interview. So......

Anyways, it's not all bad because it nourished an idea that I had already been toying with......

.....What if I start a YouTube Channel?

Yes! .....Me! ....Crazy and shy Kat.... A Youtube Channel!
I rambled my husband's ear off about my crazy idea, and it only took him a week to surprise me with some amazing filming equipment! Talk about supportive! I think my pregnant self thanked him with tears! I also have to give him credit for the idea because he has actually been telling me to get on Youtube since forever ago. 

So now... I am working on transitioning my blog into a vlog! No worries!!! I will still be blogging and doing fashion but I will be focusing more on makeup, beauty, and lifestyle through vlog entries!

So stay tuned! I have been collaborating with some amazing companies and independent artists and am working hard to bring it all to life soon! And in the meantime... you can keep tabs on me through my Instagram!




Happy Valentines day!
Today is our 6 month wedding anniversary!!! And I am 5 months pregnant! And did I mention It's Valentines!? Haha!

At first, I was very bummed that Valentine's was on a Sunday this year, but it turned out to be so great! It's like it's been Valentine's since Friday! Chris and I have been hanging out and taking it easy! Lately, I am so tired and sleepy all the time. I wonder why. 

This weekend we have just been eating out, and for Valentine's we went out to eat some cheap & yummy Chinese dinner and saw Dead Pool! Dead Pool was great but very on the Rated R side!

Lastly, your Cheesy Gram from yours truly;
Even though Valentine's day is a made-up and commercialized Holiday, I am so thankful that I got to spend it with the most amazing human being that has walked into my life AND that we have a little one on the way! I hope that everyone enjoys this long weekend of love!
If you are single, cherish this time. If you are taken, cherish the one.