Call me Kat!

Hi lovers! I'm Kat Hoffmann-RomRell!
I was born in Venezuela and grew up in Miami, Florida! Currently based in The Beautiful Peach State of Georgia.
 Can I just tell you how awkward it is to write your own Bio?! Okay, here it goes...

I'm a professional petite model and actress turned fashion & beauty influencer. I've been in the fashion industry for over 15 years with no end in sight. // Once upon a time I was a modeling coach. I retired that position and wrote my own modeling book; "The Spill". It's all about the modeling industry basics. // I am the creator and director of a Blogger Network Group called Utah Chic Bloggers. // I'm a project maniac and I like to stay busy and work on new things all the time. 

I am married to my High School sweetheart and professional stuntman Chris Romrell,
and we have a perfect little baby boy named Leo.