Hello Lovers!

Provo Fashion Week is this weekend and I would love to invite you to this amazing Event! This show gets bigger and better every time, and sometimes I wish I wasn't modeling in it so that I can sit and watch the show but then I remember I am working with the lovely Bree Lena and everything is perfect!

Buy tickets ASAP and enter the Giveaway!

Utah Chic MagazineProvo Fashion Week, and 25 local bloggers are teaming up to bring you an awesome giveaway featuring clothing by local independent Provo Fashion Week designers.
Provo Fashion Week will be having three runway shows this weekend, February 27-28th.

Friday, February 27th - 7:30PM Ready-to-Wear Show
(featuring menswear, womenswear, swimwear, and childrenswear)

Saturday, February 28th - 3:00PM & 7:30PM Bridal Wear Shows

*All profits from ticket sales will be donated to the Pomelo Project*

There will be 5 Winners!
Prizes Include:
Sunburst Skirt - Natalie Wynn Design
Ombre Ruffle Skirt - Janay Marie Designs
Colorblock Top - ThreeTwoSevenSix
Silk Bridal Jacket - Illume
$100 Gift Card to Bree Lena - Bree Lena
(insert photo of prizes - coming soon!)

To Enter
  1. Follow the rafflecopter - all entries are mandatory to be entered to win. All instagram accounts will be looped starting at 9:30AM Wednesday so you can easily follow everyone. 
  2. When finished following all accounts and filling out the rafflecopter, leave a comment with your instagram handle and which two prizes you would most like to win! 
Giveaway ends Thursday, February 26th at midnight.
5 winners will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter.

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Hello Peeps! This lifestyle/stock shoot was one of my favorite group shoots by far! All these guys were super fun to work with. By the end of the day I wanted to go on a road trip with all of them.

The photographer, Mike and his wife Laurie, where so so fun to work with too. They have such an amazing portfolio and after having lunch with them, it pretty much sounds like they live the life! They travel; take pictures while they travel; and then have clients like SKI Magazine and Alaska Airlines purchase their work. NBD.

So as some of you heard, this was also a crazy day for me. I had sprained my ankle and had gotten a flat on my car during the shoot! The Canyon was not my friend but the shoot was so fun that I did not even feel my throbbing ankle till after we had wrapped the shoot. Haha!

Take THAT challenge ANTM!




Sooooooooo..... Lucy & Lyla!
Apparently Lucy & Lyla are the cool cats in town. When their new items come out, they sell out quick! I had to change this post  a bit because last week when I was prepping this post, these shirts were still around and now they are sold out, haha! 

I really love how versatile this Tshirt was! As we were coming up with ideas on how to make different looks with one shirt, I had doubts until we saw it put together! We got 5 different looks from one type of shirt! That's another great thing about cute and basic Tee's, you can dress them up or down! I'm the crazy girl who gets the same shirt in different colors.

Lucy & Lyla are a must shop boutique! So go check them out and all their cute styles.




Happy Valentines ! I'm super excited to share this post with you! 
Let me just say that shooting with either Mckenzie or Greg Deakins is always a BLAST! Both of them are super talented and they are basically an amazing power couple!

When I booked this shoot, I knew Chris and I were going to be McKenzie's models during her photo class. At first I was a bit afraid for Chris because I wasn't sure if he would feel comfortable with a group of people taking our picture vs one photographer, but it is literally impossible to not feel comfortable or laugh uncontrollably when shooting with McKenzie.  He was so sweet to let everyone shoot him (haha, shoot him) and not once did he complain. Talk about a supportive boyfriend.

Drumroll......................... yup! Boyfriend! What better time to introduce him?! 

Our friends and family have known from the start but we thought it was time to share it with everyone else. 

Chris and I met 8 years ago at American Fork High during our senior year. We dated for most of our senior year. After highschool Chris and I broke up. He left for two years to serve an LDS mission, and I moved on and met someone new.

Terr and I married, but unfortunately concluded our marriage after almost 5 years. Terr and I still remain great friends.

Late last Fall I was asked to do a video shoot for a friend. Happy to do it, I showed up; started filming; and little did I know that Chris would be at the same video shoot. After a couple of hours of shooting, the cast & crew went out to dinner. Trying to play it super cool, Chris asked for my number that same night and invited me on a lunch date to catch up. That intentionally casual lunch date was quickly followed by a dinner date that same night! And well, you can guess the rest !

We are so thankful for all the wonderful wishes, love, and support we have received for our new relationship. 






The answer is SIRENE LASH! 
I've never gotten asked more times in my life about lashes than in the last couple of months!

Yanina of Sirene Lash is your whole beauty squad. She not only has a Lash Parlor in her home, she has a full equipped hair salon and doe sit all. 

But anyways, back to Lashes.I first heard of Sirene Lash through my lover Carmen! Her lashes are always full and beautiful (and I thought they were real) until I asked!  So I started going to Yanina!

As always I get the Volume Lashes. Volume lashes are thinner than normal lash extensions. There are so many benefit to volume lashes because they look more natural, they are thinner so less damage on your natural lash, and they last twice as long! They are my fav. Yanina also does the regular lashes, so take your pick ;)

Message her on IG for an appointment!


How long does an appointment take?
Normal Lashes take about an hour. Volume Lashes take about two. Yanina is very quick and efficient though, so she normally can get you done under expected time.

Does the process hurt?
Nope. Not with Yanina. You might as well use your appointment as nap time.

How long do they last?
Mines last about a month and a half to two. It depends on how well you take care of them.

How do you take care of them?

  • Do not get your lashes wet within the first 8-12 hours. No humidity, soap, nothing.
  • Try not to sleep on your face.
  • DO NOT rub of pick. You will get bald spots.
  • Avoid mascara until you are at that "I need a fill" phase.
  • Do not use oily makeup remover, and as you are removing your makeup just be careful around your lashes.
  • Brush them softly with a lash brush after showers or after washing your face.
  • If you feel like you need mascara or eyeliner on the daily, I would suggest to go for a bolder look/fill.