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Every start of a new season means new color palette! Or at least it does for me. I like to get new colors that will complement the season  and also try new products! I'm also lucky enough to have a roomate who is a makeup artist so I am quickly picking up on what is the best products around and a few new tricks.

1- ILA: This lip balm is apparently life to your lips. The price is a bit out of control but very worth it. Roomie says she put it on at night before bed and woke up to moisturized lips. 

2- Bold Laquer Mascara: Between lash fills when I only have a few whispies left, I pop out my mascara. I tried this new one and it has been very satisfactory for a girl who only wants falsies. They add volume and length. What else could a girl want? ;)

3- MU Brush Set: I love she inside makeup brushes! This set is very complete and for a good price too. I also have a bad habit of not cleaning my MU brushes (tisk tisk). I kinda wait till they are unsalvageable and then get new ones. *Follow by advice not by example*

4- Lady by DIOR: This color draws me in at this time of year. I seem to stock up on anything blush and pink. And Dior.... enough said. 

5- The Lip Scrub: Newest obsession! My lips are notoriously dry. Roomie also suggested this lip scrub and it is amazing. It makes a difference on my lips after one use, and after 4 it has been so renewing. 

6- NARS Blush: I am really into soft pasty colors for Spring and NARS is amazing!

7- Beauty Blend: Ok i don't know how I went so long without one. Sometimes I am a hipster and if a crowed makes a big deal out of something, i rebel against it. This was one product I should have rolled with the crowed from the start. This little beauty blend can make a difference on how your conturing and highlighting looks!

8- Nourishing Oil Cleanser: This little genie in a bottle is so great. There are only a hand full of cleansers that I like and this is one. Why? Most of the ones that I have tried, over compensate and dry my skin. Dry skin can also make you break out. This little Nourishing Oil Cleanse leaves my skin feeling smooth and so far no breakouts!

9- NARS Matte lips: Matte is the new S E X Y!

10- STILA Eyeliner: This baby is so good to me. It is waterproof and stays on all day and it is a good liquid pencil because it stays on strong not dainty.


HOPE you love these too! Do you girls have new favorites? Message me cause I might want to try them too!




Oh, Hi!!! :)
Yes that was a reference to Style by Taylor Swift.

Which takes me back to this outfit. I love classic looks because they never go out of style. On top of that , I am obsessed with this new dress which I've actually had for just a few months now and because i've worn it so much, it might not be so new. Haha. It's my  latest favorite though.  I've worn it with a belt, without, with a skirt extender, and with leggings. 

I think this is the kind of dress I will treasure for years to come, cross my fingers I have daughters one day, and cross my fingers they want to wear it too! I blame Carmen for introducing me to Sage By Olivia Wares boutique because it just seems like any item there is my fav!




I am all about the New Year's Resolutions! It might be the little OCD planner in me, but I like taking this time to make new goals and new habits. We are about to get a bit personal here cause I am going to share with you some of my Health & Beauty Resolutions for 2015!


  • New MakeUp. Try a new MakeUp look once a month.

  • No MakeUp to bed!  Wash wash wash my face, no matter how lazy, how tired, or how long my day was. Absolutely no MakeUp to bed!

  • Healthy skin. Treat myself to a facial once a month. 

  • Quit Dry Shampoo. Enough said.

  • Deep Condition My hurr on the weekly. 

  • Natural. Try sporting natural looks more often. Ex: air-dried hair, and less makeup.

  • No soda during weekdays. And at least one glass of water per day! Also, Friday is part of the weekend.

  • Fitness class. 3x's per week. Barre and Zumba!

  • Eat Healthier. Chose lifestyle diet and make a chart plan. New Green smoothie recipe every week.

  • Sleep. At least 8 hours a day. At normal people bed time. 


  • Start school. Study Business.

  • Read 3 books. But seriously, Pick up a book and finish it!

  • Learn a new language. Italian? French?

  • Go on at least one road trip. Go.

  • Cook. Avoid eating out till weekends. And try new dinner recipe every Sunday.

TAI PAN | New Year!


Happy New Year my loves!!!
I hope everyone had an amazing time saying goodbye to 2014 and I hope its been a great kickoff to 2015 so far! I want to tell you all about my New Years resolutions but first I want to cover the last shoot I did for 2014 in the Winter!

This fun shoot took place this Winter and it was for Breanna White's Senior Project for BYU's photography class.   This girl blew our mind on how she directed this whole advertisement shoot. From finding a local brand to collaborate with her to model prep time, this was a very fun and professionally done shoot. 

You can see the other lovely model's outfits and read bout Breanna's project on UTAHCHIC.COM


Styled by Looks for Lovelies  | Makeup by Makeup by Cottens | Props: C/O Blickenstaff's @ Riverwoods
All 3 Looks Courtesy of Sage: Olivia Wares


T-Minus 1 day for Christmas! Happy Christmas Eve!!!
I am feeling the Christmas spirit to the fullest and it is probably because I left all my Christmas shopping till the last minute! My fam and friends are sure getting spoiled by me this year!

Anyways! This 2nd look I love very much. Jacque picked it out for me and that goes to show how much she knows me cause as soon as I tried it on I felt like it would be something Victoria Beckham would wear. Only 10 x's more affordable. 

If it wasn't because of the terribly cold and wet weather we were dealing with this day, we would have done more Holiday looks from Sage: Olivia Wares, but our chills & shivers demanded otherwise. Sage: Olivia Wares has such great outfits and looks and specially for the Holidays! If you still don't know what to wear for New Years, head over.... like now ;)

What is everyone doing for Christmas? I will be up in Ogden with family eating my weight away while I battle this horrendous cold. I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas Holiday, and please be safe!!! Love you all!