Morgan Scheer | Work Space Courtesy of Rare Intensity Salon

First off you should know that the Hair Gods predestined Morgan to a Hair Artist Life before she was born. This girl showed hair talent from the day she could walk, was recruited for hair runway at 16 and was scouted by hair coaches after high school. All in the hopes that she would grace humans with her  talents! Ohh and she is a makeup artist! Just FYI!

Morgan Says....

  1. Get a trim every 6 to 8 Weeks.If you are not the kind to get to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks, at least trim every time you color!
  2. When Blow drying your hair, start at the roots for a faster finish. (Life changing tip. Seriously, where have I been)
  3. Always, always use heat protectant on your hair! Always!

  4. Never, ever use grocery store color or products. Products are watered down and colors have harsh chemicals that are like tattoo for your hair! And lets face it, for as much as we want that color to stick, you know you will regret it when you want to change it up by a pro. Instead go to a real beauty supply store like Sally!
  5. Scalp Treat your head as needed. Benefits of a scalp treatment are;
    - Cleans debris from your head
    - Clears hair follicles
    - Stimulates hair cells for hair growth

PS: Stick around for a braid tutorial tomorrow!


Hey peeps! 
So I know that this is mainly a beauty and fashion blog but I really wanted to be a part  of this new movement that has done an excellent job to raise awareness!

I've thoroughly enjoyed watching everyone's videos of the challenge! At first I was fine just watching others and staying warm but then I saw THIS VIDEO via Ellen DeGeneres, and I mean, how could you not want to be a part of it now?!

So I thank my baby sis who nominated me, and I encourage you to donate any amount you can to!

Here are my latest favorites!
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